Monday, March 29, 2010

~*What to write?*~

A few days back I got a call from one of my friend asking me "Why are you not writing these days?". Somehow I managed to give some reply and diverted the conversation to some other discussion. Finally when I was done with the call (after 40 min), I was happy.

I played with Shaurya for sometimes who now a days wants Daddy's full attention and want to be with me all the time (I always use to hear that Boys falls for Moma and girls for Daddy, but this is a totally different case) and was able to watch few balls of some match in IPL (now I days i am busy with SPL, in other words it is Shaurya Premier League).

After dinner when I retired to bed, the question "Why are you not writing these days?" came to me again. I tried a lot to justify the reason to myself but somehow I was not able to find any convincing answer.

It is not like that I didn't tried to write something, I tried but nothing came to my mind. Whether it is work or it is my mental state that is topping me from writing, I am not sure. I use to login, open a new post thing but never use to write. Reason I am still searching, but the most important one is what to write?
Should I write a book review or a music review (movie review is out of the scope as I haven't watched anything after Kaminey :( ) or to write something on my daily experiences as a father?
Or What???

I want to write but I am confused!!!!

I am short of ideas!!!!!