Monday, November 8, 2010

A troubled Father

This blog was left untouched for almost 4 months. It was not like that I do not want to write but the thing is that I was not getting time at all. In office, loads of work is killing and at home Shaurya wants full attention. Besides there were a lot of things happening at family ends too which kept us busy like anything.

In my earlier posts, I have discussed how naughty Shaurya has become and it looks like he wants me to write more about him here. He is giving us such a difficult time that we are unable to cope up with. Sometimes things just go above our heads we have to shriek at him and that time he will make such a innocent face that one cannot believe that he is the same devil who was doing all the mischiefs.

Yesterday, we decided to take a risk and went for the movie Action Replayy. We reached to the hall around 30 minutes before to stabilize him (It was Medha's idea that after that he will be enjoying the place). This fellow was so happy when we bought Pop-corns and Cold drinks and happily devour them. We have booked the first row in the platinum category of Fun Cinema, so that he will get some space to stand and roam around.

He was happy when they played the trailer of Narnia 3: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and howled with Aslan. He loved the trailer of Yamla Pagla Deewana too and even the National Anthem. He was happy when the casting started but all the hell broke when they switched off the light after 3 minutes of the start. And he was not getting calmed by any means and finally we decided to oblige our fellow viewers and rushed off the hall.

And he was again happy the moment we stepped out to the corridor and gave us a big grin as if he is saying, "I need your attention not Akki and Ashwarya". We gave our tickets to a couple who were unable to get the tickets and relished the smile on their faces and returned home.

Well, finally we reached home and watched pathetic "Did you hear about Morgans" and Shaurya happily played around my laptop.

And here you can see, how he was looking at me, when I was busy on my lappy.

~*Looks like he is trying to mimic Aamir in Gulaam*~


It looks like we are going to face some tough time ahead!!!