Monday, July 12, 2010

Price Hike: mehngai dayain khaye jaat hai

From a week or so I was hearing about all those Dharna and Band's against price rise but I never gave a thought about that and thought that It is all crap and story made by news papers and TV channels. But yesterday I got the taste of sour reality when I went to buy some house hold things after a long break of two and half month as my mom was there who usually goes with Medha to buy things.

I was carrying Shaurya in the shopping cart and was playing with him when Medha asked me to get some tomatoes. Eager to help her, I went to the counter containing Tomatoes and the first thing that came out of my mouth was "What the F@&&!!" and the reason was the price 60 rs/kg. Well that was not all, we bought

Bottle Gourd@ 30 rs/kg ( Two months back I got it for 6-8 rs/kg in Hyderabad)
Bitter Gourd@ 36 rs/kg (earlier was 12-14 rs/kg)
Garlic@ 120 rs/kg (earlier was 60/kg)
Ginger@ 100 rs/kg (earlier was 60-70/kg)
Potatoes@18 rs/kg (earlier was 8-10 rs/kg)

My expressions were like, what the heck!!!! I was more of shocked sort of when I saw the prices cos I never thought that they are so out of hand. Medha understood my condition and said, "No need to be shocked, I am buying at this rate from a month so I am habitual and Do not worry, even you will be habitual too".

When I was back home, I got a call from one of my friend who was all gung-ho about a song from movie Peepli Live and asked me to listen "Mehangai Dayan Khaye Jaat hai " which he had sent to me. When I heard the song, then I realized why he was so ecstatic about it. The music was given by India's one of the most famous band INDIAN OCEAN and was sung by Raghubeer Yadav (Mungeri laal ke hassen Sapne fame). The song has typical Indian Ocean feel with it, a rusty touch and full of rural wordings. And the most important thing is the hard hitting lyrics reflecting the troubles that a common man is facing every day. I am putting a few lines, but this album is worth listening!!

"Sakhi saiyan toh khoob hi kamaat hai,
mehngai dayain khaye jaat hai -
Har mahina uchle petrol, diesel ka bhi badh gaya mol
Shakkar bai ke kahe bol
Ussa baans maati daang mari jaat hai
Mehngai dayain khaye jaat hai
Sakhi saiyan toh khoob hi kamaat hai
mehngai dayain khaye jaat

Soya bean ka ka behaal, garmi mein pichke hain gaal
Ghir gaye patte, pakk gaye baal
Aur makka ji ji bhi kha gayi maat hai
Mehngai dayain khaye jaat hai
Sakhi saiyan toh khoob hi kamaat hai
mehngai dayain khaye jaat hai"

And there is something for remix lovers too, in form of English lyrics.

Government takes your money
Recession it ain't funny
Can't go shopping honey
Keep on working, keep on running

Well now it looks like even I got the lesson so Its time to go Keep on working, keep on running