Tuesday, July 29, 2008

~Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam~Par Ye nahin Maanenge~~

On Friday, when I reached home I found a parcel packet lying out of my flat. That was from World Space Radio for winning a contest. Well, very happily I opened the cover and was very glad to see the audio CD of “Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam” inside that. This movie is directed by Writer/lyricist Sanjay Chel and starring Mallika, Rahul Bose, Paresh Rawal and Kay Kay Menon. (This is an out-an-out comedy story of a drama troupe - Kalakar Natak Company who stages socially relevant, thought-provoking plays, which no one understands and hardly anyone sees. The theatre group gets involved with an undercover agent who is working on saving the country from a bomb blast ).
But for movie we have to wait for a few days to see that wether Rahul Bose and Mallika can repeat the charm of “Pyaar ke side effects” or not. Coming to the album now, the music of this album is given by Anu Malik and lyrics are by Sanjay Chel himself.
Here is my take of the album-
1. Pyaar kiya to darna kya: When I saw the name of first song, I thought that it might be a spoof of the old memorable song “Pyaar kiya to darna kya” (as I hadn’t seen the video at that time). The songs starts with
“Maine Kali Ka Dil Nahin Thoda
Maine Kali Se Mooh Nahin Moda
Love Ke Liye Apna Sab Kuch Choda …..
Main Toh Kali Ka Main Toh Kali Ka
Deewana Mere Yaar
Main Toh Kali Pe Main Toh Kali Pe
Apna Dil Gaya HaarMain Toh Kali Se Main Toh Kali Se
Karna Chaahu Ikraar
Chaahe Chunvaa Do Chaahe Chunvaa Do Lambi Lambi Deewar”
And that was sufficient to tell me that this is not a remix of the original from Mughal-E-Azam but it is a completely different rephrased song with some new lyrics and singing style. The song has been crooned by Shaan, Anushka Manchanda, Ishq Bector and Mahalaxmi Iyer. The lyrics aren’t that impressive but have some nice DJ beats and might sound better on a good speaker system.

But to be true I liked the way when they crooned “Jab…So What…Jab…Who cares…Jab…Aa Haan” in between the stanza, but still the song lacks the originality and the momentum, you may like the song in starting but later you are going to loose the rhythm. But if we think about the film’s nautanki background the song may look ok ok types in movie. Didn’t liked it much but this will work in Discs.
2. Marmari Baahen: Truly speaking, this track is the best of the album. This quixotic and opulently superb track was crooned by Kunal Ganjawala and Mahalaxmi Iyer (here she was astoundingly different from the first song). The lyrics of the song are quite good

“Marmari Baahein, Sandhali Saansein, Teri Aor Le Chali
Ras Bhari Baatein, Madhbari Raatein, Teri Aor Le Chali
Gore Kandhe Pe Kaala Til, Kya Kahoon Kaisa Hai Kaatil
Sare Jahaan Mein Uske Siva Mujhe, Kuch Bhi Nahin Haasil
Dekh Dekh Jaise Mera Jiya Sharmaaya Hai..
Kya Karoon Re Besharam Voh Toh Mera Saaya Hai”

The music of this song is ordinary but fabulous performance by Kunal and Mahalaxmi will force you to hear again and again. The music is of typical Anu malik style with a lot of dholak, Synth and piano and is gonna remind you of “Tere Bin” from Bhagambhag. Liked this one.
Remixed version: This song is remixed by BlueZone and they have done a good job but again the one who destroys the Charm is Anu Malik who alone sings the song. The soft rap attached with the song is quite good. Liked this one minus Anu Malik’s voice.
3. Ek to sharab Kum: When I heard the starting lines in voice of Pankaj Udhas
“Kuch Bhi Nahin Tha Lekin Tera Sahaara Tha
Jo Kuch Bhi Tha Voh Sab Kuch,
Voh Sab Kuch Luta Hua Hai,
Luta Hua Hai”
I thought it to be a decent ghazal but then starts the harmonium and dholak and finally the sound of breaking glass……alasssssssss the ghazal was converted in a Quwalli type of ghazal. Pankaj has returned to Bollywood after a long time with this Ghazal but literally speaking I didn’t expected this from him. The music is of typical Ghazal types but with added bass beats which gives a feel of Quwalli. May be hardcore ghazal lovers like it ( I am a hardcore ghazal lover but pssssssssttttttt I didn’t liked it) but not the general music lover. And same was true for the Part 2 of the song. Didn’t liked the track but liked a few lines as

“Dil Utth Gaya Ab Toh Teri Mohabbat Se
Phir Bhi Teri Dua Mein Yeh Haat,
Yeh Haat, Uttah Hua Hai, Uttah Hua Hai”
4. Ishqaiyaan: This album will give you a bit of everything, a rephrased old hit, a ghazal remixed in Quwalli and finally after the ghazal, here comes the modern Mujra song “Ishqaiyaan”. The song starts in the exotic voice of Sunidhi with typical lines
“Haraf Haraf Heera Hai,
Labz Labz Moti Hai
Hum Haseenao Ke Baatein Toh Niraali Hoti Hai
Agar Magar Ki Dagar Dagar Pe Sabar Karoge Kaise;
Asar Asar Sanam Hai Aisa K Sabar Karoge Kaise”

And then the rapper pitches in and converts it to a modern day mujra. This song has typical harmonium, dholak percussion, piano and a bit of various other traditional instrumental including Shehnai. In progression this converts in a typical stage show type of song and then Sonu Nigam joins Sunidhi (I don’t know what he is doing here). This song is full of oomph as “Oui..Maa” and “Oo Aaa Oo Aa”. Didn’t liked it.
Remixed version: The remix of this song is done again by BlueZone (sorry I don’t know who they are) and really speaking they have done a good job again but since the parent song was not good hence the output was the same
My verdict: I would like to quote one statement from Sanjay Chel himself "There is a feel of remix in the music. Anu Malik has used Rag Darbari and we have kept a ghazal so we haven’t ruined the original song and have come with a new song of ours.” Anu Malik tried to deliver a Khichdi, a rearticulated old hit, a ghazal and even a mujra but sorry Mr. Malik this album lacks quality and is a failure. I don’t know what happened to Anu Malik firstly the dead music of LS2050, Ugly and Pagli and now this one.But still I will wait for the movie keeping my fingers crossed and hope that the magic of Rahul and Mallika will work. I would easily give one out of five stars.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

~~The Dark Knight~~A Dark Reeling Masterpiece~~

I was waiting for this movie since the day I saw its posters and finally it was released here. Initially I was unable to get the tickets of the movie as server at my place is down and to my dismay all the seats are full in an hour of opening of advance booking but thanks a lot to my friend who arranged tickets of “The Dark Knight” (TDK), I dunno how but yes finally I got the opportunity to watch this movie.

When I came back from watching TDK, my hands were a little sweaty cos of thrill and awe. I felt that it is quite unfair to write about a such a briliant movie after just one watch, what is needed is to watch it for a few times to capture each and every detail, to have a serene vision of the different levels of the plot and the actual symbolism behind each and every scene and frame. But still i am writing it.

Plot Synopsis: Inspite of detailing the plot I will tell the basic story. Batman, Gordon, and Harvey Dent are on a mission to get rid of organized crime and go to great, even illegal lengths to accomplish their goal. With the pressure really on, the mob turns to the Joker to kill Batman so they can be free to run their criminal enterprises. This sets up the confrontation between Batman and the Joker that eventually leads to Dent’s downfall and his transformation into Two-Face. This is all set against the background of Gotham which is being terrorized by various attacks by the Joker in an attempt to bring chaos. There is not a weak point in this film from start to finish. But be aware that this is not a light-hearted movie but is brutal, horrific, tragic and has the ending that needs to happen.
Heath Ledger: This movie totally belongs to JOKER. Heath's Joker has cracking white paint on his face, a swollen red smile, and hair tinged with green. He wears a suit and gloves, and moves his tongue out of his mouth when he speaks. He threatens others with a knife in their mouths and a different story every time about how he got his scars on his face.

He is wild, anarchist, who enjoyes watching Gotham tear itself to pieces- for example in the scene where he forces boats (ones full of citizens, ones full of prisoners) to choose what boat they'd like to blow up so that the two boats will in turn blow each other up and. People can say what they want about Heath getting too much praise just because he is no longer with us because it just isn't true. Alive or gone, this was the performance of a lifetime. The make-up, the laugh, the mannerisms, every little thing he did was perfect.

[The Joker holds Rachel Dawes out of a window]
Batman: Let her go.
The Joker: Hmm. Poor choice of words.
[The Joker lets her drop as he laughs maniacally]

When he explains that why he use knife instead of pistols he says I use a knife because guns are too quick. Otherwise, you can't savor all the emotions. You know who people are in their last moments.”

He is frightening and the definition of villain- playing the role more psychotic and more evil than Jack Nicholson's Joker because of true unpredictability.

The Joker refuses to let decency win out. He stands as an agent of absolute chaos and he wants to show the world that deep down, when you strip away all hope for justice, everyone is capable of destruction. He never wished to kill Batman, but just want to humilate him.. "I don’t want to kill you. What would I do without you? You complete me"
The Joker constantly throws pain and aggression into the faces of this city and forces everyone to show that they are capable of unimaginable cruelty, just like he is.
"Sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another... if I’m going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!"

Christian Bale has done a tremendous job as our beloved super hero Batman, who hangs helplessly in between righteous and crazyness. His view of justice causes an emotional and personal shift and thats the reason he have to fight hard with his emotions. If there was an excellent Batman, this is the real deal. Besides Bale has a particular slurring lips that suits him quite well as charming millionaire Bruce Wayne and a dangerous Batman (giving him his particular killing smile).

Aaron Eckhart (as D. A. HarveyDent) is as selfless, noble and a symbol of faith and hope and change. And he does his Harvey Dent/Two-Face character justice, with a strong sense of righteousness/betrayal /twistedness up his sleeve, as well as Bruce Wayne's rival in love. His acting is strong here. His acting is superb specially after he was converted in TWO-FACE (when he use our Sholay wala coin). He follows the line of a movie
"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

Maggie Gyllenhaal is a great replacement for Katie Holmes as Wayne's love interest Rachel Dawes, as she shows more sensitive and caring side towards Bruce, other than Holmes' nearly flat performance.

Michael Caine as Bruce Wayne's loyal butler Alfred delivers, as well as Morgan Freeman as the CEO of Wayne Enterprises done great jobs in giving the pace to the movie.

Michael Caine as Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler Alfred and Morgan Freeman as Lucious Fox, the CEO of Wayne Enterprises has done great jobs in giving the pace to the movie.

Music: The poignant and evocative music is composed by Oscar winner and multiple Oscar nominee Hans Zimmer ("The Lion King," "Gladiator") and seven-time Oscar nominee James Newton Howard ("Michael Clayton," "The Fugitive"), and suits completely to the theme of movie.

Cinematography: Wally Pfister’s cinematography is simply stunning. Gotham has never looked so good, so big and deep. Technically speaking, six sequences of "The Dark Knight" were filmed with IMAX cameras, including the opening six minutes, which represent bravura filmmaking. His wide shots purvey a dirty aura and contribute to the feel of the film. Without it, it may not have been the same.

Direction: Direction by Christopher Nolan is par excellence,exalted aloft, the pace of the movie is properly managed to keep the audience enthralled and glued to their seats for almost 2 and half hour movie. There were several shots in the film where i was forced to say "how, the hell did he do that!!!” to my friend (specially when Joker switched Rachel and Dent’s place of captivity, which finally leads to the generation of Two face).
If you ask me, i will say that the creation of Two-Face is one of the smartest moves of the movie, which has not been just thrown at us as a villain and expect us to be afraid or to sympathize with him but shows how circumstances changes a good man to a bad one.

My Take: It is the best of times; it is the worst of times to write a review. The Dark Knight is probably one of the few examples where I am unsure how to rate it. It has awesome action sequences, rather deep plot, a charismatic villain and the charismatic hero. The Dark Knight is a poem of nobility and justice; a story about the futility and illusions of control. This This is a story of the struggle between two sides of the same coin, the good and the bad.
The world that this film lays out is intricate and layered and everyone crosses paths in some way or another that completes the tragedy of their own individual tales. Gotham feels alive, real and visceral. This could easily be any real city in the US. The chaos and murder that envelopes here, feels sincere with it's choices and consequences that are, surprisingly, even beyond Batman's grasp. That's where fantasy hits the wall and reminds you reality is steering the ship.

In the concluding part Batman says, "Sometimes, truth isn’t good enough. Sometimes people deserve more. Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded." Me too couldn’t agree more.

Perfect [5/5] for it. Watch it on IMAX screen to fully enjoy the movie.

Friday, July 18, 2008

~~December Boys~~

A few days back I got my hands on the DVD of December boys and the tagline on it caught my eyes, which says “After that summer nothing would ever be the same again.” I bought this DVD and copied it on my computer and then forgot about it but yesterday I watched this movie. And I will say that this movie is a perfect blend of human relationships and friendship. "December Boys" is a refreshingly gentle treatment of familiar themes such as the inevitability of change, the dashing of youthful illusions and mutability of family. Enhanced by an exotic locale, the movie overcomes a well-trodden narrative path and unflinchingly brandishes its sentimentality as it stakes out its crowd-pleasing territory.

Plot: In the late 1960’s, four close-knit orphans Maps (Daniel Radcliffe), Misty (Lee Cormie), Spit (James Fraser), and Spark (Christian Byers) in Australia, called the December Boys because they were all born in the same month.
As the film begins, all four are once again passed over by an adoptive couple--and disappointed once again in their collective dream of leaving the place and becoming part of a real family. But fate steps in, as the foursome gets the life-altering chance to go for Christmas vacation to visit an elderly couple that lives by a gorgeous cove on the sea.
Having all but given up hope of ever being adopted, the friends are on a seaside holiday one summer when they hear a rumor that a seaside couple is looking to adopt one of the orphans, friendships are tested and new alliances made as the four boys compete for the chance to gain a real family. By the time the holiday is over, all four have had an unforgettable life experience that will shape the rest of their days.
Daniel Radcliffe branches out from his iconic role as Harry Potter with this terrific performance as Maps, the eldest of the four orphan boys. As a slightly hardened teen who secretly longs for love and stability, this character is very different from Harry (despite the orphan thread that links the two together), and Radcliffe inhabits him completely. "What’s the big deal about having parents anyway?" Maps retorts to his summer fling Lucy (Teresa Palmer) and this shows his feeling of not having parents. He may not have much dialog, but the sensitivity of his character comes across beautifully.
The other three boys also give natural, believable performances, especially Lee Cormie, who is the film’s narrator and central character Misty. His portrayal of that bespectacled, artistic, smaller-than-the-others Misty is nuanced and brave, quite the accomplishment for a kid who has only just turned fifteen.
Spit (James Fraser) and Spark (Christian Byers), the middle boys, are adventurous types prone to sneaking smokes and perusing lingerie ads in magazines.
The rest of the gifted cast--including iconic Aussie actor Jack Thompson, of classics like Breaker Morant and The Man from Snowy River--all add to the overall quality of this well- acted telling of an emotional, but never sappy, story of adolescent longing and coming of age.
Direction: A sweet end-of-summer respite from Down Under, "December Boys" is a nostalgia-driven coming-of-age drama about four Catholic orphans from the outback given a seaside reprieve from the nuns and heat.
Australian Rod Hardy use all that experience to make a film that speaks to the emotions of childhood which resonates into adult experience. Using the incredible landscapes of Oz as a key element of the story, Hardy creates a visual cornucopia that parallels the emotional journey the four orphans take through the course of the film. His adept handling of many of the most universal life passages--first kiss, loss of parents, love/hate of siblings, dealing with the death of a loved one--bring a strong realism to the story adapted from a novel by Michael Noonan.
The landscape of Kangaroo Island adds vast scale to this relatively small movie, opening our eyes to natural geographical wonders, becoming a character in itself, with its inhabitants mere players on its grounds.
Female figures of maternal and erotic desire slowly rise from the gorgeous sea like goddesses, black stallions stomp about the water’s edge looking to catch fish for a cat, a crotchety sailor waxes rhapsodic about a legendary fish of immense size, and the woman caring for the boys, Skipper (Kris McQuade), soon finds herself debilitated by cancer. Life and death, reality and myth, all swirl about in the golden sunlight, as do gratingly cutesy daydreaming sequences in which Misty imagines the orphanage’s nuns congratulating him on finding new parents with energetic cartwheels.
My Verdict: Unfulfilled expectations are shared by all characters regardless of age and situation, and this is the main theme that the audience empathizes with. It is heartbreaking to see their faces light up with hope at the possibility of winning the parent lottery only to be passed on time and time again. Rude awakenings and rejection are themes that most people can relate to after hardened years, but for children to already know it intimately at such an age is what makes December Boys the thoughtful tearjerker it is. I will give this movie 4 and ½ star out of 5.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

~~Singh Is Kinng~~Music Review

Venue: ADLABS Hyderabad
Timing: 3.45 pm 14th June 07 (Timing for 2nd show of “Wanted”)
Characters: My friend and myself….. Late as usual, running to catch the movie on time. Ahhhh we reached on time and went to catch our seats. Huhhhhhhhhhhh still 5 min to start the movie.. all of sudden my ears catch some songs with Punjabi beats in it…
I asked my friend “Abe ye song kis movie ka hai??” he said, “Tujhe nahin pata????”
Me: “na, nahin pata”
My Friend: “tujhe nahin pata!!!!!!! tu to bada music reviews likhta hai”
Me: abe sahi me nahin pata bata na”
My Friend: ye "Singh is kinng" ka song hai……
Me (shocked): what!!!!!!!!! Maine to suna tha ki wo album waise hi hai
My Friend: “Abe dhakkan, deekhawe pe na jaao apni akal lagao. Chal Picture shuru ho rahi hai, ghar chalna phir deta hun tujhe iske song”
So finally in this way I got my hands on the music album of “Singh is kinng”, one of the most hyped movies of the years because of being Katrina-Akshay’s another flick, the budget , Anees Bazmee (next after the blockbuster ‘Welcome’) and movie background. The music of Singh is Kinng is given by “Pritam Chakravorthy” and mainly dug into the english style of music, inclusive of rapping and bit of rock with typical Punjabi touch to it. And above all they roped in the rap superstar “Snoop Dog” who is considered as the single most enduring rap/hip-hop success from the West Coast and he finally get Bollywood into the right groove. This album is a typical “Pritam” style album (after Kismat Konnection) with 12 tracks of which six are remix versions.
Here is my take for the album
1. Singh Is Kinng: Ahaa there they are…..Singh is Kinng' is a excellent mix of Punjabi feel and rapping frolics by famed international rapper Snoop Dogg. RDB, the Punjabi band from UK, does a fair job in the progress of the song. The song starts with a few synth bars repeating over and over. Snoop represents that “Poonjaaabi”, RDB, Akshay and Snoop D O double g…with
“Yo! Whaddup this is big Snoop Dogg, represent the Poonjabi
Ae Yo! Hit ‘em with this”

And then after this rap starts the thump, yes its is nothing but sheer thump brilliantly amalgamates Western and Indian style music and marks the opening of the album. In this song you are going to witness a vivacious variation in music from plain rapping beats to the bhangra effect and the groove is really racy. This RDB track composed by Calvin Broadus with Surjeet Singh, Manjeet Ral and Kuljeet Ral and is all of sure going to be a chartbuster number. Besides These Akshaya Kumar also singing a few Punjabi lines in the middle of the proceedings and really speaking he has done a brilliant job. The variety of the music and the beat and thump make this number deserving enough to be heard and seen on the big screen. The music builds to a slow upsurge and then the maniac dhols kick in to throw this song into overdrive.

2. Jee Karda: After RDB, Pritam renders his Punjabi bit with, “Jee Karda” which starts with Suzie Q’s Latino influenced English vocals in a particular semi nasal kind of voice, “Chu know what I’m saying?” and then Lab Janjua (who sung "Soni de nakhre" and "O Paape pyaar kar ke") kicks in and carry the track with him. The track has an absolute fireball feel to it. The music arrangement follows the standard Punjabi influenced dance fusion pattern with a lot of dhol and dhamak, but the melodic vocals really make a different, particularly when Labh is singing and he really have done a wicked job. This is a song is surely going to be in the list of famous disc numbers.

Remix: The remix of the same is a bit fast version of the same with some extra hip-hop and extra Hard kaur.

3. Bas Ek Kinng: After thumping “Jee Karda” Pritam now gives his version of the title track entitled ‘Bas Ek Kinng’ and brings Mika Singh, Neeraj Shridhar, Ashish Pandit mike to mike with UK pop artist Hard Kaur. But let me tell you one thing, if you really wanna enjoy this track hear it on a high volume on a music system and chances are good that the number would leave you on a high. This song starts with a wannabe-Gangsta Rap rhythm by Hard kaur (ubiquitous Hard Kaur sounding different then ever) and then other singers join her. The best part of the song is the interesting gelling of Mika, Neeraj Shridhar and Ashish Pandit voices. Mayur Puri, the lyricist for the album, sticks to the theme very well. But unfortunately, the song really is a let down compared to the first two tracks.

Remix: Bas Ek King (Tiger Style Remix) starts with Hard Kaur hyping up the remix (should have called as Tigress Remix) and has a stronger percussion beat. The higher beats doesn’t affect the song much but still it is not as good as the original one.

4.Bhootni ke: After 3 songs with HIP-HOP feel to it, Pritam brings "Bhootni Ke" which is a typical Punjabi wedding song and will soon be the flavor of the season. It is a rustic Punjabi number that depicts the culture of Punjab and the lyrics are lovely and remind you of folk Punjabi songs. The song starts with a typical “Boliyan” in voice of King of bhangra, Daler Mehndi who gives his power packed voice and provides for an entertaining number.

Aaj khushi ka din hai aaya
Nikla mahurat changa
Bai suit pehan ke ban gya dulha
O suit pehan ke ban gya dulha
Kal tak tha jo nanga”.

Daler Mehendi's vocals are simply amazing and the arrangements, tunes, beats are all off the mark here. Specially the chorus shouting of “chak de” every now and then crooning hoooo and Hai and the aggressive Dhol percussion and drum beat with synth. I was shocked with the music of this track and wondered whether Pritam had perhaps resided in Punjab to truly imbibe the culture, mood, folk and flavor of the state in his sound and then create the song. Mayur Puri's lyrics are perfect as per the situation and are witty while giving Pritam enough fodder to make sure that the song doesn't come with a single dull moment. This song may click with the masses because of its raw feel, the elite will choose to play the next track on the CD. A really good track, but one that is strictly for the Bhangra ballroom crowd, and the guys go wild with glee, dancing madly. I can just imagine Akshay jumping around like a monkey.
Remix: The remix version by Dj Amyth works well. The twist comes as the track gets more rough and edgy with the “Tiger Mix” that fuses Mika singh behind the mike. But truly speaking Daler Paaji Rocks as Mika’s voice doesn’t carry the same tonal weight as his older brother.In this the dhol percussion, replaced with synths and a driving drum machine beat.
5. Teri Ore: after hilarious "Bhootni ke", Pritam brings in Teri ore which is the only soft serenading love ballad on the album. This songs is crooned by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shreya Ghoshal. If you like slow romantic numbers then then chances are quite high that you would love 'Teri Ore' which has proving yet again that they are an unmatchable couple when it comes to delivering a romantic duet. The song starts with some Rajasthani music and chorus reciting some rajasthani folk song and then Shreya sensitive singing holds the stage with Rahat.

" Dil Kho Gaya, Ho Gaya Kisi Ka,
Ab Raasta Mil Gaya, Khushi Ka..
Aankhon Mein Hai Khwab Sa, Kisi Ka..
Ab Raasta Mil Gaya, Khushi Ka..
Rishta Naya Rabba, Dil Chu Raha Hai,
Kheeche Mujhe Koi Dore,
Teri Ore..Teri Ore, Teri Ore, Teri Ore
Hai Rabba..Teri Ore, Teri Ore, Teri Ore."
The song takes you with and brings you to a place which is free from the hustle-bustle of the city life and makes this well written Mayur Puri track a delightful hearing . However it’s Shreya Ghoshal who really shines with her spot on vocals and puts a lot of emotion into the song. Pritam gives us a beautiful musical arrangement with typical Indian touch to it which feels like oasis in desert.

Remix: Teri Ore (Lounge Mix) suffers from the same woes, and is resultantly Lounge-y only by name and in this song the romance has been taken away and replaced by “club-mance”. But still its audible.

6. Talli hua: I think “TALLI” is the the flavor of the season (First Mallika Sherawat grooving to Anu Malik’s ‘Talli Hogayi’ from ‘Ugly aur Pagli’ and now its Akshay on "Talli Hua"). In this song Pritam's lucky mascot Neeraj Sridhar now combines with Labh Jan Jua. This track is one killer dance track that is tailor made for the club and discs. To the perfect vocals by Neeraj Shridhar (particularly the way he repeats, “Dhoom Tana” as a sort of vocal percussive beat and “sorry sorry sorry sorry very sorry), this track’s baseline just drives into your brain.
“Talli Hua Talli Hua, Yaara Dekho Yaara Mera Talli Hua
Yahaan Gira Wahaan Gira Yaara Dekho Yaara Mera Kahaan GiraYaar
Bothal Khulwade Thodi Si Aaj Pila De
Yaar Tujhe Sau Da Baathein Patiala Peg Bana De
Yaar Tu Apna Garam Hai, Khushiyon Ko Dil Mein Daram Hai
Yaar Yaari Ki Kasam Hai, La De Tu Jithni Hi RaaheTun
Dhoom taana Dhoom taana Dhoom taana
Yaa Ho…Milke Sagar Chalkao”

Efficient drum programming and perfect use of chores makes this song better than the average dance song. This time around it's the time to get into a club with a demand for a drink and getting high while singing 'Talli Hua'.

Remix: Here we go, in this we have 90’s Indi-Pop icon Stylebhai to take part in the “Talli Hua (Jay Dhabi Mix)” remix and make it even more powerful for the dance floor but later on the remix turns out to be a weaker version of the original.
My Verdict: Guys, “Singh is Kinng” is a party album with to entice the Punjabi audiences and moreover the NRI’s with especially the Snoop Dogg edition. This album is not meant for lovers of soft music but for the disco lovers and music channel crowds. Pritam gain has created a very entertaining album that fits into a very precise niche: the Bhangra-hip-hop-techno-urban dance genre. If you are into that kind of music, you’ll love this album. I will give 4**** out of 5 (for Punjabi music and Hiphop lovers) and will give 3*** out of 5 keeping aam junta in my mind (those who unable to understand Punjabi).
Songs I like:
Talli Hua
Singh is Kinng
Bhootni ke

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

~~The 3 Mistakes of My Life~~

Not everyday you sit in front of your computer on a Saturday morning and get emails like this:

From: Ahd_businessman@gmail.com

Sent: 12/28/2005 11:40 PMTo: info@chetanbhagat.com

Subject: A final note

Dear Chetan,This email is a combined suicide note and a confession letter. I have let people down and have no reason to live. You don’t know me. I’m an ordinary boy in Ahmedabad who read your books. And somehow I felt could write to you after that. I can’t really tell anyone what I am doing to myself - which is taking a sleeping pill every time I end a sentence, so I thought I will tell you.

I kept my coffee cup down and counted. Five full stops already.......

You cannot but help to get hooked, if a book starts like this. The manner in which you are transported to chapter one is just a perfect example of ideal story-telling. The characters are etched quite carefully and the realism that Chetan Bhagat injects in every one of them is to be read to be believed
Well, what strikes you first about Chetan Bhagat’s novels is the fact that this author writes about Indians and for Indians. His characters are youthful, striving and ardent and have the same ethical, social and religious quandaries as many of the young Indians today. At the same time their milieu and emotional response too is unabashedly Indian. The new and the third Bhagat book, “The 3 mistakes of my life”, have all these qualities. This long anticipated novel by the best-selling Indian novelist brings together another installment in showcasing the everyday life of some of the most common, unassuming and inconspicuous people of India.

Story: The book is based on real life events. It begins in a dramatic enough fashion with Bhagat receiving an e-mail from Govind who had taken many sleeping pills and was writing to him while waiting for the deadly sleep’s embrace. Chetan was shaken enough by the incident to track the boy down to an Ahmedabad hospital. Fortunately he was still alive to tell the tale. The book is loosely based on the three mistakes Govind made in his life. What follows is a mix of cricket, religion, business, love and friendship. Govind sets up a sports shop along with his friends in the temple compound with Omi’s family’s help. The shop prospers as Ishan coaches young boys in cricket and Govind teaches maths to Ishan’s sister Vidya who also captures his heart. Ishan then meets Ali, a child master with a hyper reflex condition that makes him hit each ball for a six. Ali displays the talent which Ishan never had and Ali’s destiny becomes his own. Enter Omi’s Bitoo mama (maternal uncle), a communal party man bent on converting the young into fighters in the name of Hinduism. Situations come to a head and Ahmedabad burns in riot fires. Omi dies saving Ali and Ishan finds out about Vidya and Govind, a betrayal he does not forgive. These events lead Govind to his death-bed and that is when he writes the email to Bhagat.

Points to be noted:
In this novel Chetan covered the following problems that persists in india
1. Expensive Education
2. Lack of advancement in smaller towns
3. Conformist mentality
4. Radicalism in politics and sick politicians, Hypocrisy among public, politicians, and everyone alike
5. Religious extremism
6. Bias towards agnostics and atheists
7. Poverty amongst the brighter lower-middle class youth
8. Extreme competition in entrance exams for college admissions and completely study oriented schools
9. Small-scale businesses are extremely risky and innovative ideas always receive suppression
10. Lack of sports education/infra-structure in schools, etc (Smaller schools lack funds and money in everything, just bigger school students get everything)
11. Advanced coaching for exams is expensive so only the upper-middle class receive that
12. Drift between religions, castes and Conservative mentality of parents
13. Lack of awareness, foresight and ideas due to lack of quality education
14. Heavy mugger-friendly curriculum (give them money they will do anything for you)
15. Monotonous books, pathetic teachers, result oriented study
16. Students prejudiced about certain subjects and losing interest
17. People just want to earn, and passion for anything is dead
18. Prodigies and talented folks are mostly unrecognized and all that dies away as unharnessed potential
19. Expensive international air tickets, nice food and even good reference material
20. Stereotyped mentality of 99% of parents ….

My Take:

I had enough of it and I guess you did too. Just know that it had many more of it… “The 3 mistakes of my life” is written simply and has the quality that makes one want to read the book cover to cover in one sitting. This book like Bhagat’s earlier one, “One night @ call centre", too has the masala, emotion and pace to turn into a potential blockbuster. He wants to be India’s most loved author not the most admired one....this novel eill take him at that spot...

Monday, July 14, 2008

~~A very happy Jhappi (Hug) week~~

Hey friends

Wishing you all a very happy Jhappi (Hug) week (15-21 July)****************************************************************

It is wondrous what a JHAPPI can do

A JHAPPI can cheer you when you're blue

A JHAPPI can say, "I love you so,"

or "Oh, I hate to see you go."

A JHAPPI is a "Welcome back again."

A JHAPPI can soothe a small child's pain

and bring the rainbow after rain.


There's just no doubt about it,

we scarcely can survive without it.

A JHAPPI delights, warms, and charms,

it must be why God gave us arms.

JHAPPI are great for fathers and mothers,

sweet for sisters, even fine for brothers.

And chances are favorite uncles and aunts

will love them more than potted plants.

JHAPPI can break the language barrier

and make the day seem merrier.

No need to fret about the store of them,

the more you give,

the more you get of 'em.

So stretch those arms without delay

and give someone a JHAPPI today!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

~~Bachna Ae Haseeno~~

I was waiting eagerly for music release of "Bachna Ae Haseeno" as Vishal Dadlani-Shekhar Ravjiani kept stating in their interviews and their reality shows that this was going out to be a rocking album. Finally the music was released on 7th July without much advertisement (i got this album when i was searching for Rock On album on net) .
After disastrous "TPTM" YRF is seriously in need of a hit and in the promos this movie sounds interesting (I do not what’s really it contains). The music of this movie is given by Vishal and Shekhar, who are back after two flops-De Taali and Bhootnath Here is may take for music-

1. Khuda Jaane-This first song of movie has a nice, soft, mellow tune until the chorus hits and eventually it turns into Vishal Shekhar’s every so popular rock/metal beats. The starting of this song will remind of song "Aao Na".In this song KK totally redeems himself and his high pitched intense voice lends soul to the song and does quite well here and female singer Shilpa Rao has freshness in her voice. Lyrics of this song are written by a newbie Anvita Dutt Guptan (as far as I know by the way who she is?) and she’s done a splendid job.
"Sajde me yuhin jhukta hun,
tum pe hi aake rukta hun,
Kya ye sabko hota hai,
humko kya lena hai sabse
Tumse hi sab baate ab se
ban gaye ho tum meri dua
Khuda jaane ki main fida
khuda jaane main mit gaya
Khuda jaane ki main mit gaya
ki ban gaye ho tum mere khuda."
If u are fond of love song you surely gonna love this intensely romantic number. This song is also there in a remixed form which is a fast pacy version of the original slow romantic track. This song has been very decently mixed and the feeling of the love has been mainted inspite of its fast speed.

2. Lucky Boy- this is a perfect Vishal –Shekhar type of song with constant thumping dance floor beats in the background. This song has Punjabi lyrics in the beginning of the song and Sunidhi gave her seductive voice to this song. Thumping dance floor beats in the background (just like-Mahiyaa from Cash) is sufficient to makes this song a perfect favourite for the lounge and club music lovers.

I think Hard Kaur is becoming favourite of all the music directors and in this song too she raps in between making it all the more interesting. For the first time song did not grab my attention but when I heard it two or three times I started loving it too.
"Ho kya gazab ki tujhpe meherbaaniyan,
main ik nazar daulun jo tujh to,
badh jaaye mere saath ten yaariyan,
khadmon me tere lakh jannat ho
aankhon main baate hain
baaton mem vade hain
vadon mein baahein hain
tu baahon mein aa ja zara"
I heard that this song is pictursed on Bipasha.... ahemmmmmm now I have to wait for the video too.

3. Aahista Aahista-This is the third track of movie and it can be considered as Lucky Ali’s comeback song. This song and the Lucky Ali’s alap reminded me of "Fanaa and Anjana Anjani from Yuva". This song has a club/disco type of beat with Ali’s amazing and Shreya’s angelic voice-over. This song starts with sweet guitar tuning but later track is a little too fast. Lyrics of the song are beautiful and it’s a proclamation of first love and is again by Anvita Dutt Guptan.

"Aahista Aahista,
Mujhe Yakeen Ho Gaya,
Aahista Aahista,
Yeh Dil Yahin Kho Gaya
Yun Gira Gira Hai Chand Ya,
Teri Hai Roshni,
Yun Udi Udi Si Hai Zameen
Aahista.. Ho Ho Ho Ho"
The best thing of this song is the way Vishal Shekhar blends Ali’s atypical voice and Shreya’s feminine voice together in this track to create a unique romantic number.

4. Jogi Mahi- when I heard this song for the first time, I instantly got hooked with this song and heard it for three times in one go. Punjabi love ballad is a must in Yash Raj’s banner film (take example of Veer Zara, Tara rum pum) and this song will remind you of the same age old Yash Raj culture. This songs start with a voice which I was unable to recognize and when I checked the singers I was shocked to see that Shekhar Ravjiani has given his voice to this song and later on Sukhwinder joinshim in the song. At the end of song Himani kapoor (remember her?? She is from Saregamapa and was VS favorite) lends her voice. Lyrics of the song are perfect and tell us the love story of a boy and girl..

"Suno ek thi kaanch ki gudiya,
Suno ek thi pyaar ki pudiya,
Sadke us pyaar ke
Suno ek tha Pind ka shera,
aaya kaske baandh eo sehra,
Sadke us pyaar ke
Saji thi doli wo, chada tha ghodi wo,
Khoya jaane kahan, inna sona pyaar baliye
Jogi maahi heer ranjheya"
The song will surely gonna touches our heart. Vishal-Shekhar impresses with the use of dholak and dafli percussions and Indian strings. Really speaking this song completely belongs to Shekhar as a story teller and this time he hits the right tone. I liked this song right off the bat. It’s a song that pumps you up and surely going to be a hit one.

5. Small Town Girl – For the first time when I heard this song on my player I thought it to be a bonus track in form of remix of "Preety woman" but as the track progressed I was surprised. This song is in voice of Shankar Mahadevan and is a celebration of the small town girl but also a warning that she is not to be taken lightly. But this song has "Preety Women" and "Ticket to Hollywood" touch with it. Shankar Mahadevan has given perfect articulation of English, Hindi and Punjabi lyrics of this song. After a long time we got a hindi song where the heroine is being teased. I loved this song because of Shankar’s way of singing and he gets right into the mood here.

6.Bachna Ae Haseeno- Here comes the most awaited song of the movie, the title track. Initially I was confuse that are they going to use the original song only but here comes in VS. Bachna Ae Haseeno has everything you would expect in a song and Vishal Shekhar resurrect the evergreen classic by making Kishore Kumar’s son Sumit Kumar sing along with his dad! Vishal Dadlani’s raps in the song are a much needed zing for generation next! The additional wordings added to the song suits the song and is not at all scary.

"Tujhse Log Kahnge,
Na Kar Pyaar Mujhe
Mein To Lakh Bura Hoon,
Need Chura Loon Hosh Uda Doon
Main To Baahon Mein Le Ke,
Raah Bhula Doon Baat Bana Doon
Chahe Jahaan Dil Ko Chupaa
Baaton Hi Baaton Mai
Do Mulaqaton Mein Le Loon
Bachna Ae Haseena Lo Mein Aa Gaya"
This is no doubt the best song of the album and a perfect hit.The best thing is that they didnt tried to change the grace of the song.

My Verdict:This album is going to appeal to each and everyone. Vishal-Shekhar finally hit the right cord after De Taali and Bhootnath. This song has typical Yashraj stamp all over it and it’s a kinda music most people love. Grab the album…I doubt that you will be disappointed. Now I am waiting for 15th august to watch this movie. I would easily give 4 out of 5 stars.

Songs I like most :
Bachna Ae Haseeno
Jogi Mahi
Khuda Jaane

Friday, July 11, 2008

Rock On!!!!!!!!~~For Rock Music Lovers Only~~

Ahaaaaaaaaaa. Here comes the album I was waiting from the day when I saw its promo for first time. Yesterday I was trying all the permutations combinations to find torrent of this album but my luck shined in night and I got the torrent. Yes guys’ music of first Rock Music oriented film is out now and the album is mostly a rock album belonging to Rock music genre. This movie is directed by Abhishek Kapoor and stars Farhaan Akhtar,Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli and Luke Kenny as members of a rock band. Rock On features four young lads who put together a band, but never make it to the big time. A decade later, fate brings them together and sets them on a journey back to where they left off. Music of this album is given by trio-SEL and lyrics are by Javed Akhtar. Here is my take for the album-

1. Socha Hai: The first track of this Album is “Socha Hai”crooned by Farhan. You got it right; Farhan Akhtar himself has given his voice to this track. The lyrics are quite interesting and ask many important questions to the listener which one has never even thought of and forces people to think about them.

“Asmaan hai neela kyun
Paani geel geela kyun
Goal kyun hai zamee
Silk me hai narmi kyun
aag me hai garmi kyun
Do aur do paanch kyun nahin
Socha hai kya kabhi hota hai ye kyun
Socha hai kya kabhi ke hai ye kya sahi”

This track is youth oriented and nice track. This is going to get its place in the songs played in the hostels with full volume. SEL has done a good job using drum, saxophone, guitar and chorus but it could have been much much better.
2. Pichle Saat Dino Mein - "Pichle Saat Dino Mein" is the second track of the album having a complete western touch to it. When I heard this track it sounds to me like a complete english rock number. I liked this song as it reminds me of my college days but one thing I will say that these lyrics looks good on very young rock band but not on a grown band. The lyrics are quit young it starts with
“Meri laundry ka ek bill
ek aadhi padhi novel
Ek ladki ka phone number
mere kaam ka ek paper
Mere taash se heart ka king
mera ek chaandi ka ring
Peechle saath dino me maine khoya
Kabhi khud pe hasa main aur
kabhi khud pe ro-yeah”

And then you will know that you gonna like this song and the song will carry you with him. SEL has properly used electric guitar, drums and saxophones in this song. Especially use of electric guitar is superb. The song has a fun feel to it and is surely going to be liked by youth.
3. Rock on: whoaaaaaaaaa here comes the title track which is on air these days and getting quite popular. When I heard this song for the first time it sound to me like background score of Lakshya (and when I looked for it I found that this was used when Hrithik and his team climbs the Cliff.) Songs starts with music of electric guitar and drum and then Farhan pitch in and hold the center stage. His voice sounds good and refreshingly raw suiting the nature of song. Lyrics are as usual youth oriented not made in Poetic fashion and are more oriented towards language that we use in daily life and describes how a boy wants to live his life

“dil kya kehta hai mera
kya main bataoon
tum ye samjhoge shaayad
main pagal hoon
dil kya kehta hai mera
kya main bataoon
tum ye samjhoge shaayad,
main pagal hoon
dil karta hai tv tower pe,
main chad jaoon
chilla chilla ke main ye,
sabse kehdoon
rock on!! hai ye waqt ka ishaara
rock on!! har lamha pukaara
rock on!! yuheen dekhta hai kya tu
rock on!! zindagi millegi na dubaara…”

Overall, the song is the best on album and would be most popular one.

4. Yeh Tumhari Meri Baatein : Then comes “Yeh Tumhari Meri Baatein” crooned by by Dominque Cerejo which is a nice slow track with having a romantic tint in it and it sounds like a soft track usually sung by a girl singer at the restaurants etc . Lyrics are simple and fresh. Even the music of this song is soft. Here SEL used guitar and piano along with drums and flute to give a soft touch to the song but. There is something missing in the song.

5. Zehreelay: finally comes a song with a touch of hard rock in it, crooned (oops I should say shouted nicely) by Suraj Jaggan (Jonny Gaddar fame) with the right amount of melody and grunge mixed together. This is going to be a treat for hardcore rock lovers who plays music at full volume. Even the lyrics are like that as you are singing some nursery poem

“Zehreely Zehreely
Kaale neele peele
Pathar ki aankh hai
Daant hai nukeelay”

6. Tum Ho Toh: after giving his voice to fast tracks Farhan Akhtar crooned this slow track "Tum Ho Toh" which is a sad song showing importance of a beloved in ones life. The lyrics are quite good and SEL used mainly drums and guitar in it. In this song Farhan shows his caliber in singing slow songs and has done is job magnificently.

“Tum ho toh,
gaata hai dil
Tum nahin
to geet kahan
Tum ho toh sab hassel
Tum nahin to kya hai yahan
Jo tum ho to
ye lagta hai mil gai har khushi
Jo tum na ho to lagti hai
har khushi me hai kamee”

7. Sinbad The Sailor : This songs focus on Sinbad The Sailor and tells his story. Here they concentrated initially on the struggle of Sindbad The most interesting part in this song is the sudden change where Raman enters in and suddenly ere is change in music! and the lyrics!? Now this guy digresses and is talking in first person to a woman who is his real inspiration in life! Superb!!! U gonna love this song..

8. Pichle Saat Dino Mein (Live version): The next track on the album is a Live version of "Pichle Saat Dino Mein" where singer is interacting with his audience. The beat and the clap percussion specially the rhythemin "Na na na" gives a new touch to this song and this is gonna
be song for college fests.

9. Phir Dekhiye: The last track “Phir Dekhiye” is crooned by Carlisa Monteiro who tries copy western singers. This song is a bit slow and has high pitch at some parts.It will remind you of sweet english love songs and you will like to play it in a beautiful evening for ur girlfriend or boyfriend.

My verdict: In Bollywood latest attempt on rock music was made by the “Metro Band” but really speaking they were not purely rock, it is better to call it Indian Rock and that’s the reason of album success. So now I can say that we always want some fndian flavour in the western dishes (You can see pizza’s with indian flavour) or music and in this condition pure Rock songs have got not much takers in India. As this album has pure rock touch in it, it might work in the young audiences like me and I am looking forward to it but I will say that this album is more of an experiment which I think won’t work. Get it only of u like rock music otherwise forget bout it. I would give three stars out of five for the honest try made by SEL and fabolous singing by Farhan.

Songs I like:
Rock On
Pichle Saat Dino Mein
Socha hai

~~Mission Istanbul~~Music Review

After SAL (Shootout At Lokhandwala) Apoorva Lakhia is back with “Mission Istanbul”- a film with global terrorism as the theme. Angry young man has been the keyword in each of the films made by this young director. Songs of Apoorva Lakhia’s films are according to the precedence of the storyline which mainly tells the story of anger, hatred, disturbance, fear and fight and in such situation; music hardly has any scope to sooth one’s ears. That’s why the music of his movies is typically comprised of raw numbers and stuffed with heavy melody. The music of Mission Istanbul shows nothing different from that. As the movie is having international plot based in Turkey, the music is a blend of western, Indian and Turkish track so he went for varieties. Music of Mission Istanbul is given by Anu Malik, Shamir Tandon, Chirantan Bhatt and Mika Singh. I was quite intreseted in the music of this move, so got it downlaoded on the same day but but but..........Here is my take for the music of Mission Istanbul.

1. Apun Ke Saath:"Apun Ke Saath" is having trademark tapori undertones. In this song Mika Singh wore the hat of singer (along with Pretty Priya), lyricist (along with Virag Mishra) and composer all in one. This song is having all the characteristics of a hit tapori number and Mika has taken a step forward from his previous chartbuster “Ganpat”. This is a dependably gung-ho type of song.

“Apun Ke Saath Jo Bhi Ladega,

Sir Saale Ka Wahin Phatega

Goli Jo Padegi Bheje Mein,

Kaun Mai Ka Laal Rukega”

The song has a distinctive groove, digging into the genre of musical rap with the term ‘Mission Istanbul’ has been incorporated to match with the title. This song has rap-n-reggae touch and is mainly a theme number which may be heard as a part of the film’s background score.

2. Mission Mission – This title track is written and crooned by Hamza Faruqui (remember him??? He crooned “Ke Bin Tere jeena nahin” in movie “Aggar”) and composed by a newbie Chirantan Bhatt. The song starts with the harsh and repetitive "Mee-shan Mee-shan" (oops it was Mission Mission) sound begins to peeve your nerves after the first little iteration, and the rest of the song is gladly forgettable for the lovers of soft music. The only good thing with this song is voice of Hamza Faruqui, who is rarely heard and has some originality in his tune. But in my views the song in itself is an out and out club track which goes well with the theme of the film and creates a power packed impact. There is certain rage in the tune of ’Mission Mission’ which deserves to be heard at a high volume. Hoping to see a better music video on this song.

3. Nobody Like You – "Nobody Like you" is somewhat beguiling English and Hindi jovial (better to say HINGLISH), high voltage peppy number with western base to it. This peppy number is crooned by a huge number of singers with Anoushka and Neeraj Shridhar as the main mike holders. This song is again composed by Chirantan Bhatt who creates yet another catchy tune with Ishq adding on impressive rap and Hamza Faruqui and Ishq Bector penned the lyrics. The beats of the song is a bit fast and the song sounds like a remix version. This song would help the album sales in a big way if an eye catchy music video is created around it! The belief is only strengthened once the ’remix version’ of the song is heard.

4.World Hold On World Hold On – Do you guys remember Bob Sinclair’s cult hit, World, Hold on, if no, then don’t worry, this song presents an interesting desi-makeover of “World Hold On” by Shamir Tandon. This unique number starts with the female voice of Gayatri Ganjawala and later joined her by Kunal Ganjawala and Raaj Gopal Iyer. It’s a spry number, fast and filled of youth feeling.

“Hamara Kal Hamara Aaj Hamare Hi Haathon Mein hai

Hamari Jaan Hamara Naseeb Hamare Hi Haathon Mein Hai....”

This song was composed keeping in mind the international background of the film thus has a lot of western beats. And we hope that it will sound catchier when it will get synchronized with the visual. But please don’t think or try to listen to the lyrics in between the song otherwise you will be more confused. I am still amazed why they are using “Zara massive hai mera future” yuuccccckkkkkkks

5. Yaar Mera Dildaara – with this song Anu malik joins the team of music directors. Let me tell you one thing that when you will hear this song 'Mehboob Mere' (Fiza) will instantly come to your mind. This sorrow/longing number song with Sufi overtones is crooned by Javed Ali who carries the simple yet haunting melody effectively. Sunidhi Chauhan joins him later and gives a perfect finish to the song. Lyrics of this song are by Sameer and there is nothing exceptional in it.

“Ek Baat Kahoon Dildaara

Tere Ishq Ne Mujhko Maara

Tu Shabnam Mein Angaara

Tere Ishq Ne Mujhko Maara”

6. Jo Gumshuda– “Jo Gumshuda” is an exemplary bollywood track with great concoction of an Arabic hook chorus and an emblematic Anu Malik melody. This is a medium pitched song and sounds quite soothing in the combination of two versatile singers Shaan and Mahalaxmi Iyer. Anu Malik has incorporated some Turkish tune which suits the song and its picturisation (as seen in trailer). Turkish pop star Ege dilivers a perfect Arabic note. Lyric of this song is by Sameer and have tint of romance in it. This song is the best song of this album.

“Jo Gumshuda Aankhon Mein Hai

Jo An Kahin Saanson Mein Hai

Dastaan Wahin Labzo Mein Kaho....

Dil Ki Baathon Ko Dil Mein Rehne Do

Nazar Se Nazar Se Kehne Do

Hongi Hongi Hongi Varna Badnaamiyan

Jo Gumshuda Aankhon Mein Hai

Jo An Kahin Saanson Mein Hai

Dastaan Wahin Labzo Mein Kaho....”

This song will be liked and will be on the charts soon.Rest three songs are remixes and having nothing special in them to mention except typical extra bass and beat.

My Verdict: Mission Istaanbul’s soundtrack is smart, hep and groovy but somehow i didnt liked it! I am still confused that why did Apoorva Lakhia require four different music directors to churn out the soundtrack. But overall Turkish/Middle-Eastern influenced instrumentation and percussion of MI is of utterly high-quality but but but this music is not going to stay for long in our memories except “Jo Gumshuda Aankhon Mein Hai” and “Apun ke saath jo bhi” and now i have only these two songs on my comp. This album is a listen and forget type and I will easily give two out of five stars.

Songs I like:

Jo Gumshuda sa khwab tha

Apun ke saath jo bhi

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

~~Kismat Konnection~~Lets Rock soniye

After super hit movie “Chalte Chalte” Aziz Mirza is back with much awaited romantic flick of the season “Kismat Konnection” starring Shahid kapoor and Vidya balan. The much awaited music of the romantic flick of the season “Kismat Konnection” is out now and I must say that music is really happening. The soundtrack of “Kismat Konnection” has six originals and five remixes in total. The music is given by our ever-inspired (greatest thief of Indian music industry) “Pritam”. When I first time saw the promo of song “Bakhuda tumhi ho”, I was not much interested in the album but after watching it twice/thrice i decided to go for it.
Here goes my take of the album:

1. Aai Paapi (Tu Hai Meri Soniye): The first track of the album is strangely titled as “Aai Paapi”and thus song is on air these days in the trailer. The lyrics of this song is given by “Shabbir Ahmed” and sung by Neeraj Sridhar (who is doing almost all the popular tracks these days) and in this song he is sounding like a rapper. The song starts with

“Lets Go!!..Lemme Make Some Noise.
Ladies & Gentlemen Raise Your Voice.
Na Na Na Na Na Na...”
And that’s sufficient to setup the mood. Neeraj Sridhar has proven his proficiency in Hinglish fusion. The English lyrics with Jamaican accent are really sung well and the guy who sung those should have given space in the credits as they are such an important part of a song. Crucially, Pritam’s clap-along with the drumming does the trick, and this song is going to set up the dance floor on fire but I am still confused on the title “Aai paapi” (meaning "O sinner".) Just follow the song and it will surely gonna take you higher

“Aai Pappi Aai Pappi …Aai Pappi Aai Pappi...
Aai Pappi Aai Pappi … t May Take You Higher,
Aai Pappi Aai Pappi …Aai Pappi Aai Pappi...
Aai Pappi Aai Pappi … Higher And Higher”

2. Bakhuda tumhi Ho: “Bakhuda tumhi Ho” is the second track of the album crooned by Atif Aslam and Alka Yagnik. This song will remind you the exquisite capacity of Atif’s voice. Lyricist “Sayeed Quadri” has done a great job on the lyrics and Urdu lyrics in it which makes it even more close to Atif.

“Kaise bataye tumhe, shab mein tumhare,Khwaab haseen jo aate hai,
Kaise bataye tumhe,Lamz wo saare, Jism ko jo mehkate hai
Iftida tum hi ho, Intehaan tum hi ho
Tum ho jeene ka maksad, Aur wajah tum hi ho”
Atif’s high pitch and Alka Yagnik’s sweet voice and splendid use of chorus in this song make this song even more romantic. This is going to be in list of top 10 romantic songs of the year 2008.

3. Move your body now: The next song on the Album is Move Your Body Now” with typical party hip hop and punglish (punjabi+english) lines. This song is sung by artists with extremely varied voices Shaan , Suheil , Hard Kaur and Akriti Kakkar. The lyrics of this going to be a hit track are again by “Shabbir Ahmed” and he does a decent job with blending hindi, english and punjabi lyrics properly (its better to call this song as PUNGLISH song.

“Get up, Thats right Stand up.
Clap ur hands man, I’ll make u wanna dance,
I’ll make u wanna move, Aa jaa tu soniya”

This song promises some very fine dance moves from Shahid and surely is going to be a hit party song. The “Ohhhhhh” and “Huhh” between the lines gives a perfect touch to the song.

4. Is This Love (Kahin Na Laage): The next track is “Is This Love (Kahin Na Laage)” by Silk Route frontman Mohit Chauhan (remember him??--> the one who sung “Tumse Hi hai” in Jab We Met) with Shreya Ghoshal accompanying him. Shreya and Mohit sings perfect as usual and I am sure that this song would work even more after the movie gets released and people will watch the feeling of this beautiful song. The superb lyrics are by "Sayeed Quadri" it is enough to show the abundance of talent in him.

"Hum safar iss safar mein dudhta hai tu,
Haan baat yeh maan bhi le zara,
Tut kar ab kisi ko chahta hai tu,
Raat din meri needon mein,
Jag raha hai koi,
Raat din meri aankhon mein,
Bass raha hai koi
Is this love. Maine na jaana?"
The magic of love incorporated in this song would definitely strike a chord with the listeners. Mohit Chauhan delivered his best and crooned with his trademark tenderness. This song is another hit.
5. Soniye Ve (Dhak Dhak): The next track “Soniye Ve (Dhak Dhak)” is composed by guest composer "Saajid-Waajid" in vocals by Sonu and Sunidhi. The lyrics are again by “Shabbir Ahmed” and even these lyrics have all the elements to make it a hit party and shaadi song. "Hoye dhak dhak dhak mera dil dhadke,
Tere bina tere bina, dil naa lage,
Jab jab dekhu tera mukhda haseen,
Ankhiyon mein milne ke khwab saje,
Tujhe doli mein bitha ke,
Teri maang saja ke,
Le jau mein sabse chura ke,
Ho soniye ve, soniye mere naal aa jaa soniye soniye ve"
And this song has a perfect ‘Saajid Waajid’ type of music, music full of dhol, drum, trumpet and high bass. The song starts with dholak thump beat and then Sonu kicks in and seems to be enjoying the beat and the bass of the song. Sunidhi Chauhan is characteristically flawless with her oppressive voice.
Well after this track, you will feel that there is some problem with your system or the disc started repeating itself because now starts a series of remixes done by DJ Suketu. The first remix is of “Bakhuda Tumhi ho” and this has been remixed well by Suketu and has all the beats that are their in a remix but yet the mood of the song was maintained.
The second remix is of title track “Aai Paapi” and is moderately fast version of the original and this is going to show it’s presence in parties.
Haah….then cometh the remix of “Move Your Body Now” with the same mood but with more of Hard Kaur and Shaan. This remix works well too, nicely tempo-ed up for the floors and its sure going to be on the list of top party songs. One other mix is in voice of Adeel.
Remix of “Is This Love” comes next and is more like a Lounge Mix because of its a romantic lyrics and slow beats but still, the feeling and the essence of love is maintained beautifully.
The last but not the least remix is again a fast version of “Soniye Ve” and has more bass and beat in it and again is a good track for party and discs.
My Verdict: "Kismat Konnection" is ‘kuite’ a ‘kool’ album. Like Jab we met, this album has a nice blend of romantic and dance numbers. The lyrics are superbly romantic especially in case of “Bakhuda Tumhi Ho” and “Is this Love”. Pritam has done his job well (although it will take time to know that from where he got his inspiration). In my view this is going to be the next good album after Race and Jaane tu ya Jaane na.
I would easily give four Stars out of five

3 Songs I liked most:
Bakhuda Tumhi Ho.
Aayi Paapi (Title Track-Remix)
Soniye Ve (Dhak Dhak)