Friday, June 18, 2010

The one word tag!

I am taking this from Pixie's blog and trying to answer it as nothing else is coming to my mind right now. This will be an attempt to tell something more about myself to the blogger community.


Where is your cell phone? – charging (Plugged to computer )

Your hair? – Receding! :(

Your mother? - Doting

Your father? – Simplest person (I have ever seen )

Your favorite food? – Aalu paratha with curd,

Your dream last night? – Trying some new aviators

Your favorite drink? – Fanta!!!!!!!!!

Your dream/goal? – To own an

What room are you in? – Office cubicle (where else I could be at this time)

Your hobby? – Watching movies (inspite of there genere and crappiness)

Your fear? – Snakes

Where do you want to be in 6 years? – Goa :mrgreen:

Where were you last night? – Home (now I am no more lucky to enjoy parties)

Something that you aren’t? – Satisfied

Muffins? – Ok!

Wish list item? – Island--> Ferrari-->Yacht

Where did you grow up? – Azamgarh (A place famous cos of Abu Salem)

Last thing you did? – Had yummy chocolate momos

What are you wearing? – Jeans, Tee and a pair of Woodland

Your TV? – Off :roll:

Your pets? – None

Friends? – Are life line!!!

Your life? – Contended

Your mood? – Impatient

Missing someone? – Shaurya (he is in his creche and cant wait up to 6)

Vehicle – Hero Honda Passion Plus and Maruti Alto Lxi

Something you’re not wearing? – Watch

Your favorite store– Hypercity

Your favorite color? - Blue

When was the last time you laughed? – Just before filling Missing someone section

Last time you cried? – April (when Shaurya stand on his own for the first time)

Your best friend? – Khushi ;)

One place that you go to over and over? – Office (where else!! but hate it to the core)

One person who emails me regularly? – Someone from UK to offer me 100000000 pounds.;)

One person who calls me regularly? My wifey (to keep track on me):mrgreen:

Favorite place to eat - Home (nothing good as home made food)

Open to anyone who wants to take it up!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tough Road Ahead!!!

This is what going to happen at home until 12th July!!

Finally the FIFA world cup is going to start today and again I have to go through an ordeal to watch the matches. But I have learned my lessons well during this year IPL and T20 world cup period and will use all my tactics to cope up with!!!
There will be some problems as momma will have to go on 22nd June, Shaurya will as usual watch some cartoon channels or music channel (he is a big music freak who loves Hip-Hop and Rock) and Medha will be anxious to know what is happening on DID, Indian IDOL, Sajan Ghar Jaana hai (Gawwwwddddddd) and may other serials to discuss it with momma.

BTW missed the opening ceremony and Black Eyed Peas , Shakira's and K'naan's performance !!! But will watch it later on You tube for sure as I cant wait to watch thousands of football fanatics roaring on Shakira's Waka Waka and K'naan 's Wavin Flag!!

Well, got one quote in my mail box in morning and it looked very true

“I have seen women walk right past a TV set with a football game on and - this always amazes me - not stop to watch, even if the TV is showing replays of what we call a "good hit," which is a tackle that causes at least one major internal organ to actually fly out of a player's body.”--Dave Barry (Women aren’t interested in things their men spend time on besides their women.)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A troubled Daddy

~*A troubled Daddy*~

Generally Shaurya is a happy child and loves playing with me (his momma was always jealous of that) but since few days he is giving me tough time. Earlier he use to hold me and sleep while we both sit in a rocking chair but from last few days he is not coming to me if I am sitting in that chair or starts howling whenever I sat on that chair.

What could be the reason behind his abrupt behavior?

He is getting bored of me or what????

Or he simply want to enjoy his new hobby and that is riding in a walking chair?

So decided to give him sometime, so that he can realize my importance and can trouble his momma who is now enjoying his company and teasing me for that!!!!


Friday, June 4, 2010

~*The Monday Morning Blue*~

~*The Monday Morning Blue*~

This is what happened to me last Monday!! Here are the details that lead to this

Sunday: Got up late at 9.30 and was as usual late for giving car for servicing which was due from 15 days. Reached service station pick up point and found no one there and then decided to call the service center people who told me that I am late as the slots of that day were filled. Cursing them I came back and found that Ma and Medha were done with their breakfast and Shaurya was playing happily in his pram!! Had breakfast of Yummy pyaaz ke parathe and mango lassi and went to sleep again!! And got up by 12.30 when Shaurya kicked me after trying his best to woke me up. Skipped bath (dirty me), had lunch and then sat with lappy to watch movie (Watched Lahore and it was awesome, one of the best sport movie product in the country) and got up by 3.30 when the Saas and bahu decided to go for shopping!!!!!!

I tried my best not to go with them but then who is going to fill in the shoe of driver and nanny when they will shop.

Went to Hypercity Mall @ Cybercity and Medha was ecstatic after seeing some nice Salwar suits and saris and I do not know what what!!

In the mean time I kept Shaurya in a shopping trolley and we happy roamed around in the mall for 2 hr , touching everything and pulling everything and almost screeching at the sight of every small kid (Shaurya is very found of the small kids of his age and now want to set beside them, it doesn't matter whether they want or not).

Till that time everything was fine but after that he started getting cranky and wanted to be carried around in the lap so I took him in the lap and sat in the corner and give him his milk which he drank and slept. (Ma and Medha still busy in shopping).

At 10.3 0 reached home and had dinner and decided to doze off but but but
Suddenly I heard a shriek and ran to the bed room and was shocked to see Shaurya up and playing happily and there was no sign of sleep in his eyes. We decided to play with him for some time so that he will get tired and will sleep but he decided to go against all odds and played up to 2.30 and then dozed off peacefully.

I hardly had 4 hr sleep and then there was an important presentation in the office.
I started the presentation and at that very moment yawned for the first time and they keep on coming after every 2 min. Thankfully no one asked any question and i finished it off in 20 min. After that there was a coffee break and a double cup of black coffee gave me enough boost to clear up my thoughts and then i realized what I have done with the presentation!!

I came back and then sat my place to draw this one (may be my mind was still fuzzy that time).

Generally Shaurya sleeps well in night and had never troubled us but I think now a days he is trying to stand on his own and cruising. And now he want to take us with him for a ride!!! A tough ride.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Random Doodlings of a Confused Mind-1

These days my life is absolutely beleaguered with meetings. My whole day is being usurped by the meetings as there are some pre-meeting meetings, normal meetings, post meeting meetings, meeting to discuss the schema for meeting, unceremonious discussion after and before a meeting, brainstorming gathering along with various other unexpected time wasters. Most of the times it leaves me totally drained and irritated and I felt like I am slowly slowly being pushed towards mental volatility and brain death.

BUT the final word is that, these meetings can’t be avoided.

So I decided to come up with something that could help me in surviving some of the most boring one where I usually sits absent mindedly. I tried using Twitter but alas no one replied me back (except Arshad Warsi and Celina Jaitly, even she replied on Shaurya’s Tweet pic Check it here) or retweeted me, tried listening music using under collar hidden earphones (Alas got busted by my boss and got a stern look) and also tried playing games on mobile phone, but no respite.

So decide to go back to doodling (to scribble or draw aimlessly) which was my favorite past time during my college days and this is the thing where you will never got caught and others will think that you are deeply indulged in the discussion. This is the first doodle, doodled at today morning meeting (Gosh!!!!!! It is so horrible to start your day with a boring meting).

Do tell me how is it and how you cope up with such situation.

Watch this area for more!!!

P.S: I feel that it is golden opportunity to write/draw my experience with Shaurya, my little devil who is teaching me a new lesson every day.