Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly- That was the week Gone

The Good:
Lovely weather through out the week, no tension in office as the work load was a bit less; watched 25 movies in 4 days (and all were good ones) and yeah slept a lot too

The Bad:
The sad demise of YSR and the heavy torrential rain which gave me some heart attacks while driving on the bumpy roads in the mad rush of Hyderabad.


The Ugly:
Closed public transport and Petrol Pumps (one of my neighbor suffered a lot as her Daughter in law was expecting and started having labor pains on Friday and No ambulance was available due to closed petrol pumps, but somehow we managed to take her to hospital and she was blessed with a chooooooooo chweeet baby girl), closed ATM’s and Burning tyres on road (that’s the reason one should not rely on plastic money I survived 2 days with a total 78 Rs in my purse), closed shops (even small eateries so the main sufferers were the bachelors) and Cable black-out.

Now happy to be with some known faces after 4 day long and sulking weekend.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

!! How to kill your weekend !!

Friday evening
Came back from office at 6.30. Changed clothes and sat in front of TV surfing through channels, got bored after a while. Now what to do??? Lemme call Ma. After 3rd try got connected to BSNL number (Goshhhh, why they still trust that pathetic service).

"Hey Ma, Parnam, How are you people??"
"We are fine beta, how is Medha??"
(Lo ji pehle bete ka haalchaal nahin liya aur bahu ko poochna shuru).
"Ma, she is fine, I talked to her at 4.30, she was sleeping so didnt disturbed her for long" (See, what your bahu is doing huhhhhhhh)
"Arre then you should call her in eveing no, why you keep on bugging her" (I have heard that Shaadi ke baad log badal jaate hain, but even family members get changed, i never knew that)
"Ma, Ma, Ma, I called her to know how s she doing" (Grrrrrrrr)
After a couple of minutes, she asked the toughest question "Khana bana liya?"
"Naa, abhi nahin"
"So planning to eat out??"
"It’s raining heavily in hyderabad ma, I will cook something."
"Kuch aata bhi hai banane"
(Ma that was below the belt, but no problem will bear that)
"Ma, I am a good cook now"
"Ok, will check you when i will be there" (lo lag gai watttt)

Finally off the phone after 15 minutes of instruction about eating properly and sleeping properly and hit the kitchen. Got a pack of dry mashed p0tataos, a glove of wheat bread along with Maggie, knorr soups and lays. I was in dilemma what to cook, suddenly the phone rang.
Thankfully it was Medha,
"hey sweety, how are you now"
"hey I am good. How s it going?? Khana Khaya kya" (phir Galat sawaal)
"Na yaar, I am confused kya banau? Planning for sandwiches"
"Sandwiches?? Day before yesterday it was Pizza, yesterday it was maggie and today Sandwiches, great going!!!"
"Yaar phir kya banaun"

"Why dont you try for Aalu Paratha" (Wahhh jaise Allo parathe aur Sandwich me koi antar hai, Godddddd in ladkiyon ko 9i mean auraton ko) koi samjhao)
"Ok lemme try that, par how to kneed aata for that one?? You know how pathetic i am at that"
"Arre, all you have to do it make it soft. Look for recipie on net and try it. I know you can do it"

So after getting lessons, I hit the kitchen and within 30 min I was again in front of TV (to saw who got eliminated from IJSMB) with hot Allo ke parathe and a cup full of tea. And it was totally awesome. Here is the pic of that (sorry for poor quality, clicked by my phone camera)

So now stomach was full and IJSMB was over and it was 10'0 clock. No sleep in the eyes
Now what to do???
Checked my DVD collections (downloaded one obviously) and finally got one with 21 Grams, The Last samurai and Catch me if you can. Was not able to stop myself before finishing all three. Checked time, oopssss it was 3.30 am, logged to Gmail account, no mail no facebook intimation nothing and No one online too (surprising!!!!!) Phewwwwwwwwwww. Hit the bed with Stephen king's "APT PUPIL" and slowly slowly drowned into sleep.

All of sudden heard some noise. That was my doorbell (Shit, forgot to switch it off) and my Maid was fultoo-on on it. Tried putting pillows over my ears and ignore but she was not in compromising mood. So finally opened the door and managed to say
"Repu Vasta" (come tomorrow)
She happily asked "enta Ghantalu" (At what time)
"Padi ghatalu" (at 10'O clock)

Hit the bed again to get up at 12.30, brushed, freshen up, had tea and again infront of TV. Checked phone, shitttttt 20 missed calls, 19 from Medha and one from Ma. Called Medha, with excuse of fever and somehow she left me easily with direction to eat outside at lunch.

Had omelet and again went for sleep. Got up at 6.30, went out for ice-cream and came back by 7 to catch MTV Rock On, loved the concept and the arrogant rapper. In the mean time keep on switching between Channel [V] and MTV. (Aren’t these guys suppose to play music!! Big question).
From 8-9 pm: played What's your Rashee at full volume. (i am in love with this album.. Now)
Came back to TV again. Caught a glimpse of 100 % - De Dhana Dhan on Colors and was confused and I am still confused. What was that?? A comedy show or what and who the hell is that disgusting Mohan Kapoor. Show sucked big time!!!

Back to DVD collection again, this time with Chicago (*ing Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Richard Gere), Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (*ing Emile Hirsch and Kieran Culkin, Awesome movie, how I missed it till date) and Into the wild (*ing Emile Hirsch and its in my all time fav list)

Finished by 3' O clock and hit the bed but this time forgot to put phone on silent mode. Got a call from Ma at 8.30 and some scoldings for not calling her yesterday. (A goodway to start the day!!! Isn't it). Got up, brushed, freshen up, prepared tea and again infront of TV. Maid came at 10, washed clothes, utensils and left by 11. Ordered Biryani from hyderabad house and again slept for 2 hour. At 4.30 got a call from friend, inviting me for a small gathering at Secret lake. But it started raing at 5 and i called him that i will not be able to make it.

Now what to do???

Prepared tea and sat on balcony and watched children enjoying the rain and spend sometime to think (yeps after 2 days i thought something). Back to TV at 7 pm for Stunt Mania and then listened to What's your Rashee and Saher (Jagjeet Singh), grabbed some sandwiches and finally hit the bed at 11 cos there was nothing elso to do.

Finally one more weekend is finished and I am back to square one!!!!