Monday, December 1, 2008

~*~Media: A friend or a Foe~*~

Scene one:
11.30 pm India, 27th Nov 2008, In front of Hotel Taj, Mumbai

NDTV reporter Barkha Dutt reporting Live: “ Aur ye aap dekh sakte hain ki kis tarah se NSG ke commandos andar jaa rahe hain. Aur hum aap ko ye bhi bata de ki theek isi samay pe NSG aur Army ke commandos ne hotel ke peeche se bhi entry shuru kar di hai aur kuch commandos khidki ke raaste bhi andar ghus rahe hain..." (As You can see that how NSG commandos are entering the hotel. And for you imformation Army and NSG commandos are also entering from the back sideand some are trying to enter through the windows too)

Scene Two:
At the same time somewhere near Pakistan Border

A person in black dress, after watching Barkha Dutt Live, switches on his satellite phone and dials a number. After 3 rings some one picks up and then after sharing greetings " Janab abhi humne TV pe dekha hai ki Kuch Commando andar ghusne ki koshish kar rahe hai peeche ki aur kidki se, Aap sab hostages ke saath apni jagahe badalte rahiye, Khuda aap ke saath hain. Hume jaise hi aur khabar milegi hum aap ko batayenge. Hum bharta ke halat aur bure kardenge. Khuda Hafiz..” (We just saw that commandos are trying to enter through backdoor and windows, so keep on changing your position with hostages. God is witj you and we will keep on updating you guys. We have to make situation worse for india)

and then phone went dead…

Scene Three:
11.35pm, India, 27th Nov 2008, Inside Hotel Taj, Mumbai

Abu to kaleem “Abhi message aaya hai ki commandos Ghusne ki koshish kar rahe hai, Sabko pakad ke dusari manjil pe chalo jahan abhi koi nahin aa raha hai. Aur agar koi aayega bhi to hume khabar aa jaye gi” (Just received a message that commandos are entering the hotel. Let’s grab all the hostages and move to second floor where no one is coming. And even if some will come we will know)

Now comes the question, is it ok for media to discuss and divulge all the details of any operation against the terrorism. Aren’t they helping the terrorist by providing them all the live reports how and what Commandos are doing?? But yes, before divulging the plans, every time they say that they are not supposed to say these things but they some how manage to show theses things through their reporters.

Aren’t we going to take some thing seriously? Or Media will be allowed to show the whole exercise and action plans in form of BREAKING NEWS and in term helping the terrorist by providing them information regarding NSG and Army position and Plans…

Peace comes from being able to contribute the best that we have, and all that we are, toward creating a world that supports everyone. But it is also securing the space for others to contribute the best that they have and all that they are.~~ Hafsat Abiola

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