Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My kind of music

My favorite song

I want to be with you

All day & all night long...

A spring breeze

A summer sun

Now that I know you

You are my one...

A winter sparkle

An autumn tree

Added all up

It equals you & me...

My best friend

My only lover

From here on out

I'll keep you forever...

A good laugh

With some happy tears

You're the one I go to

Through all the coming years...

When it rains it rains

When it snows it snows

I wrote this specially for you

& you're the only one who knows...

You keep me warm

When I'm so cold

As if my heart were for sale

To you it was sold...

Whether playing our favorite games

Or to music we sing & listen

When it comes to you

There's just no competition...

Not the finest thing

Or the reddest rose

Could ever amount to

When you hold me close...

& when everything is said & done

The night is over

& we've had our fun

Out of all the girls I choose just one

The best one of all & that's you Hun.

1 comment:

  1. Sach me mere liye likhi hai

    Its lovely, if u really mean each & every word you have written

    luv u