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~~Kismat Konnection~~Lets Rock soniye

After super hit movie “Chalte Chalte” Aziz Mirza is back with much awaited romantic flick of the season “Kismat Konnection” starring Shahid kapoor and Vidya balan. The much awaited music of the romantic flick of the season “Kismat Konnection” is out now and I must say that music is really happening. The soundtrack of “Kismat Konnection” has six originals and five remixes in total. The music is given by our ever-inspired (greatest thief of Indian music industry) “Pritam”. When I first time saw the promo of song “Bakhuda tumhi ho”, I was not much interested in the album but after watching it twice/thrice i decided to go for it.
Here goes my take of the album:

1. Aai Paapi (Tu Hai Meri Soniye): The first track of the album is strangely titled as “Aai Paapi”and thus song is on air these days in the trailer. The lyrics of this song is given by “Shabbir Ahmed” and sung by Neeraj Sridhar (who is doing almost all the popular tracks these days) and in this song he is sounding like a rapper. The song starts with

“Lets Go!!..Lemme Make Some Noise.
Ladies & Gentlemen Raise Your Voice.
Na Na Na Na Na Na...”
And that’s sufficient to setup the mood. Neeraj Sridhar has proven his proficiency in Hinglish fusion. The English lyrics with Jamaican accent are really sung well and the guy who sung those should have given space in the credits as they are such an important part of a song. Crucially, Pritam’s clap-along with the drumming does the trick, and this song is going to set up the dance floor on fire but I am still confused on the title “Aai paapi” (meaning "O sinner".) Just follow the song and it will surely gonna take you higher

“Aai Pappi Aai Pappi …Aai Pappi Aai Pappi...
Aai Pappi Aai Pappi … t May Take You Higher,
Aai Pappi Aai Pappi …Aai Pappi Aai Pappi...
Aai Pappi Aai Pappi … Higher And Higher”

2. Bakhuda tumhi Ho: “Bakhuda tumhi Ho” is the second track of the album crooned by Atif Aslam and Alka Yagnik. This song will remind you the exquisite capacity of Atif’s voice. Lyricist “Sayeed Quadri” has done a great job on the lyrics and Urdu lyrics in it which makes it even more close to Atif.

“Kaise bataye tumhe, shab mein tumhare,Khwaab haseen jo aate hai,
Kaise bataye tumhe,Lamz wo saare, Jism ko jo mehkate hai
Iftida tum hi ho, Intehaan tum hi ho
Tum ho jeene ka maksad, Aur wajah tum hi ho”
Atif’s high pitch and Alka Yagnik’s sweet voice and splendid use of chorus in this song make this song even more romantic. This is going to be in list of top 10 romantic songs of the year 2008.

3. Move your body now: The next song on the Album is Move Your Body Now” with typical party hip hop and punglish (punjabi+english) lines. This song is sung by artists with extremely varied voices Shaan , Suheil , Hard Kaur and Akriti Kakkar. The lyrics of this going to be a hit track are again by “Shabbir Ahmed” and he does a decent job with blending hindi, english and punjabi lyrics properly (its better to call this song as PUNGLISH song.

“Get up, Thats right Stand up.
Clap ur hands man, I’ll make u wanna dance,
I’ll make u wanna move, Aa jaa tu soniya”

This song promises some very fine dance moves from Shahid and surely is going to be a hit party song. The “Ohhhhhh” and “Huhh” between the lines gives a perfect touch to the song.

4. Is This Love (Kahin Na Laage): The next track is “Is This Love (Kahin Na Laage)” by Silk Route frontman Mohit Chauhan (remember him??--> the one who sung “Tumse Hi hai” in Jab We Met) with Shreya Ghoshal accompanying him. Shreya and Mohit sings perfect as usual and I am sure that this song would work even more after the movie gets released and people will watch the feeling of this beautiful song. The superb lyrics are by "Sayeed Quadri" it is enough to show the abundance of talent in him.

"Hum safar iss safar mein dudhta hai tu,
Haan baat yeh maan bhi le zara,
Tut kar ab kisi ko chahta hai tu,
Raat din meri needon mein,
Jag raha hai koi,
Raat din meri aankhon mein,
Bass raha hai koi
Is this love. Maine na jaana?"
The magic of love incorporated in this song would definitely strike a chord with the listeners. Mohit Chauhan delivered his best and crooned with his trademark tenderness. This song is another hit.
5. Soniye Ve (Dhak Dhak): The next track “Soniye Ve (Dhak Dhak)” is composed by guest composer "Saajid-Waajid" in vocals by Sonu and Sunidhi. The lyrics are again by “Shabbir Ahmed” and even these lyrics have all the elements to make it a hit party and shaadi song. "Hoye dhak dhak dhak mera dil dhadke,
Tere bina tere bina, dil naa lage,
Jab jab dekhu tera mukhda haseen,
Ankhiyon mein milne ke khwab saje,
Tujhe doli mein bitha ke,
Teri maang saja ke,
Le jau mein sabse chura ke,
Ho soniye ve, soniye mere naal aa jaa soniye soniye ve"
And this song has a perfect ‘Saajid Waajid’ type of music, music full of dhol, drum, trumpet and high bass. The song starts with dholak thump beat and then Sonu kicks in and seems to be enjoying the beat and the bass of the song. Sunidhi Chauhan is characteristically flawless with her oppressive voice.
Well after this track, you will feel that there is some problem with your system or the disc started repeating itself because now starts a series of remixes done by DJ Suketu. The first remix is of “Bakhuda Tumhi ho” and this has been remixed well by Suketu and has all the beats that are their in a remix but yet the mood of the song was maintained.
The second remix is of title track “Aai Paapi” and is moderately fast version of the original and this is going to show it’s presence in parties.
Haah….then cometh the remix of “Move Your Body Now” with the same mood but with more of Hard Kaur and Shaan. This remix works well too, nicely tempo-ed up for the floors and its sure going to be on the list of top party songs. One other mix is in voice of Adeel.
Remix of “Is This Love” comes next and is more like a Lounge Mix because of its a romantic lyrics and slow beats but still, the feeling and the essence of love is maintained beautifully.
The last but not the least remix is again a fast version of “Soniye Ve” and has more bass and beat in it and again is a good track for party and discs.
My Verdict: "Kismat Konnection" is ‘kuite’ a ‘kool’ album. Like Jab we met, this album has a nice blend of romantic and dance numbers. The lyrics are superbly romantic especially in case of “Bakhuda Tumhi Ho” and “Is this Love”. Pritam has done his job well (although it will take time to know that from where he got his inspiration). In my view this is going to be the next good album after Race and Jaane tu ya Jaane na.
I would easily give four Stars out of five

3 Songs I liked most:
Bakhuda Tumhi Ho.
Aayi Paapi (Title Track-Remix)
Soniye Ve (Dhak Dhak)

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