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~~Chamku~~Music Review~~

Guys, hope you all remember “Jab Se Tere Naina”. Oops I am not talking about Sonam or Ranbeer but talking about the guy who gave the music “Monty Sharma” . Saawariya was considered as one of the worst movies of the year 2007 but the music was much eulogized and this tubby musician won copious awards and rave reviews for his work. Monty is nephew of music maestro Pyarelal (of Laxmikant - Pyarelal duo) and besides he has given background scores of movies like Black, Devdaas, Apne and U Me aur hum. The soft utterly quixotic feel of Sawariya and the brilliant background scores of Black and Devdaas brought Monty to a pergola where he can show that he has pristine ability as a connoisseur keyboard player, unswerving and stanch music arranger, a successful background music scorer and finally as a promising music director.

Monty is now back with “Chamku”,his second offering, which is said to be a pragmatic and realistic action packed thriller about Naxalites and outlaws, with an innate sense of cultural music. With a very peculiar title “Chamku” and low profile music release, the album promises some quality music due to Monty’s earlier work. Let’s check this out that can Chamku be second Saawariya for Monty Sharma or would he be considered as one film wonder?

1. Aaja Milke- First track starts with a western alap (aur kya likhun samajh me nahin aa raha hai) by Shreya and with this shows her ability and idyllic dominion over delivering a variety of emotions, a lot of shades and the doldrums in one song using her stupendously mellow and spry steered vivacious vocals and later Sahil also joins her later and affably delivered a superb performance making this a 'Feel-good-to-Hear' song. This song is about togetherness and Sameer’s apt lyrics suitably gel with the serene feel of love.

“Na Koi Khusboo Thi Na Koi Mausam Tha,
Har Lamha Zindagi Veeran Thi..
Charo Taraf Sirf Ghum Ka Andhera Tha,
Tanha Tha Har Khushi Anjaan Thi..
Tujhko Pa Ke Khone Lagi
Ab Door Tak Phaili Huyi Veeraniya.
Saj Rahi Hai Ab Aankhon..
Mein Pyar Ke Khwabon Ki Parchaaiyan.”

This is a typical Monty Sharma type song with a perfect arrangement of Indian instruments, delivering an ethnical "hilly" feel in its serene sounds with use of Dhol and Dafli but in a low pitch. A decent track, it deserves repeated hearings.

2. Kithe Jawan-When I heard this song for first time, I thought it to be a rephrased version of Lambi Judai, as song has same touch like that legend. This song with some Punjabi flavor is about the twinge of severance between two lovers is crooned by Richa Sharma (Our specialist of Virah Songs). Richa with her rustic voice catch hold of the listener’s breath-flow. Sameer’s extra-ordinary poetry with the creatively and very apt lined gives song an edge. Song starts as “sarangi” solo and has inclined towards classical ragas or can say with a touch of Thumari. The song is a fusion based folk song which is not heavy in beats with western instrument along with traditional instrumental gelled together to deliver an upbeat background score appeal in this song. Hear it time and again to feel Monty’s strong inputs in fusion based music and Richa’s impressive melancholic voice.

3.Gola gola- Keeping up the bucolic theme of the movie comes the song Gola Gola which is a typical Holi song with emphasis on “Bhang ka gola, paan, Thandhai, Rang, Choli, Lehnga” etc etc chirped by Abhijeet (in a quite different voice) and Vaishali Samant as lead singer along with some others. But I think the touch of Devdaas is still on Monty because feel of Dola-re-Dola can be felt. This festive song has some ingenious lyrics, radiant interpretation and melodious use of local dhol, dholak and sarangi; this will run well with the viewers if video is good otherwise it would be a listen and forget type of song.

4. Trance- After 3 folkish songs, this very different track comes in with its western feel. This is Monty’s first chic entry in giving us “Groovy Party Number” styled song with use of fast electronic synths, Arabic music and strident ecstatic discotheque beat fillers but too with folksy cadence. Multilingual lyrics affix the real zest to the song’s contentment and the music is quite giddy and scatty, invigorating and of a new type. Saleem Shahzada, Soumya Roah and Anaida crooned this track admirably. But people will take it, chances are low.

5. Bin Daseyaa- Another Birah song or better to say the remix version of “Kithe Jawan” comes as the next track. This song is again crooned by Richa who gave expressive shades to this melancholic track. But the use of extensive western instruments gives it a lounge mix feel but yet it didn’t kill the soul of the song.

6. Dukh ke badri- Well the last track of the album is again a melancholically communicative number which is regarding looking positively towards the life and saying that problems will end soon and finally love and harmony will arrive. This song is crooned by Kalpana, Parthiv Gohil and Shail and their voice gels mutually in a milieu of meticulous drumming arrangements. This number has a rustic feel to it and you can easily feel the touch of north india typically of Bihar and Eastern UP in it. This amazing sounding situational song shows affable merger of soulful chores and their alap, impressive music arrangements and pleasant sounding vocals.
"Dukh Ke Badri Ab Chhat Jaayi Ho...
Sukh Ke Kheti Lehraayi Ho..
Dukh Ke Badri Ab Chhat Jaayi Ho..
Bag Bageecha Taal Talayya.. Bag Bageecha Taal Talayya
Hariyali Ke Sang Muskaaye Ho
Dukh Ke Badri Ab Chhat Jaayi Ho..
Ghar Ghar Goonji Prem Bhansi
Roop Badal Ke Krishna Aaaye Ho…
Dukh Ke Badri Ab Chhat Jaayi Ho..
Sukh Ke Kheti Lehraayi Ho..
Dukh Ke Badri Ab Chhat Jaayi Ho.."

My Take- This movie is by Vijayta Films and has an enticing star cast (Bobby Deol, Priyanka, Ritish Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi, Arya Babbar and Irrfan Khan) but I don’t know why there have not been many promotions in the media about the movie and truly speaking this can affect the album also. After Sawaariya, expectations were high from Monty and a lot was expected from him. This album touches the alcove of soft poignant music albums with a fusion based arrangements. But what I see is that in the time of Groovy Bachna Ae Hasseno, mushy Jane Tu ya Jane Na and a hip hop Singh is Kinng, this album is hard to survive as it has nothing to offer on those fronts. But yes, Monty Sharma has delivered a decent album with a perfect rustic theme which surely will suit the background of the movie and he really deserves applaud for this adroitness and nimbleness, which he has used this soundtrack. I would easily give 4 star due to its originality and perfect fusion, but people may not like this album because of the nature of songs.

Songs I liked
1. Aaja Milke
2. Kithe Jawan
3. Dukh ke badri

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