Friday, September 5, 2008

~~KaRzZZz-Music Review~~

After flabbergasting success of vivacious and breathtaking Aap Kaa Surroor our nassy Himesh Reshammiya (HR) is back with a vengeance as Monty in Karzzz, where he is playing the legendry role of Rishi Kapoor's Monty, in Satish Kaushik's remake of super hit Karz, In this movie he played role of actor, singer and Music director all together. Well, the music of Karzzz is out now and one can say it is super lengthy and fully loaded with 8 original tracks and one rearranged version of the title song and as many as 10 remix tracks making Karzzzz a bunch of 19 tracks, all hedonistic with typical HR characteristics –typical instrument arrangements, nasal singing and lengthy alaaps, repetitive phrases through out the song. The lyrics are by Sameer and music was released on T-Series music. Here is my take of the album.

Lut Jaaon Lut Jaaon: First track of the album starts with a catchy beat and then HR joins with is typical nasal “Aaaaaa” and then female lead Harshdeep Kaur pitches in with a small para “Tumse Mohabbat Kar loon Jee Bhar Ke..Poori Hasrat kar loon Jee Bhar ke” then HR comes in full swing (I heard that lines Harshdeep lines is a direct lift from Punjabi words in “Aao huzoor” by Karunesh but I am not sure). This song seems to be the title track as there is use of “Us Karzzz pe” at regular intervals. Well, HR sung this Sufi-soft-rock-type ballad quite well and the slow tempo arrangements suits the mood well too, specially the use of Harshdeep Kaur (who crooned Ik Onkaar in RDB, Cadbury perk and Visa Card jingles) whose deep voice engender an importunate haunting and lingering background effect throughout the song. This is a highly enticing track that one can't stop humming after just one listening.
Remix: Well, this remix is quite different from the original version but still I loved it for its different music arrangement specially the dhol and dholak beat along with saxophone.

Hari om: In second track HR is back with his own revamped version of “Om Shanti Om” where he changed legendry “tumne kabhi kise se pyaar kiya” to “Ye mohabbat bhi kya cheej hai, na jeene deti hai na marne deti hai” in AB styled voice to redo the magic that Rishi did on a giant moving gramophone record. If you are not going to judge it against “Om Shanti Om”, the song is good and will take a few listening before it grows on you. Especially the energy and the use of guitar, drum and typical Indian instruments as Dhol and Ghanti are quite impressive… But still I am thinking the way HR holds guitar (Aisa lagta hai ki majboori me pakd rakha hai)
Remix: There are two remix versions "Indian Mix"- which used Indian instruments with ghanti and that too at fast beat, mixed well and will suit the festive mood and an "Electro Mix" this one is going to work in discs. For me remixed were better than original cos they will not drag ur attention towards the voice.

Tandoori Nights: Are you hungry?? Well I am not going to serve you anything but HR is going to serve you “Tandoori Nights” as the third track. I think HR is spreading his rule to Dhabawala’s too through this track. Better I should come back to song. HR crooned this track with conspicuous Sunidhi and used the elements of hip-hop, a bit of rock and trance music with use of lively electronic beats. This appetizingly spunky number is attractive in its elegiac pattern but will not last longer.
Remix: this fast remix version is by DJ Akbar Saami and he added some more hip-hop with fater beats but again it failed to catch a hold on listeners.

Soniye Je Tere: HR has something for everyone in his kitty (hoga hi aakhir gaane hi itne hain), now he is back with an emotionally intense number “Soniye Je Tere”. In this track tries out Indian classic but also didn’t forget to add rap-n-reggae to it to make it good for all. Well in this song HR excels especially in high pitches and his partners-in-nasal rhyme Tulsi Kumar who got a few lines to add as well in evoking romantic hues and vibes. Now coming to the controversies what I heard that this is a complete lift from same titled song by a Punjabi singer Kulwinder Kally. Well HR saab now what say??
Remix: Again this songs comes better in the remix version by Akbar Saami giving it a lounge mix feeling with extra electronic beats to it.

Dhoom Tere Ishq Ki: This track is HR version of “Dard-e-Dil” and this song comes out spectacularly with different composition and arrangements. So for the best of the lot. This song is simply superb but could have been more wonderful if HR has not used his nasal voice, as one can easily say that it has Rahat Fateh Ali khan written on it.. But anyways the main thing that does the wonder is Sameer’s apt simple yet engaging lyrics. And yes the use of “Aur thodi der mein hum juda ho jaayenge” gives song an edge. Perfect fusion of traditional Indian instruments (tabla, sitar, harmonium, Dhol and sarangi) with westernized beat patterns is the main attraction of the song.
"Tumse milna, Jiya Dolna, Tumse milna, Jiya Dolna
tere bin bole sab bolana, meri aashiqui ke bhed kholna
Fursat ke pal me doobana, Apne hi dil se joojhna
Laagi kyun ye laagi lagan, apni hi lagan se poochna"

Remix: This smooth flowing romantic track doesn’t require a remix like this one burdened with energized electronic disco beat fillers. It is like listening “Laagi tumse man ki lagan” mixed with “Hare raam hare raam”.

Sisak sisak ke: After sweet “Dhoom tere ishq ki” HR steps in fusing rap-n-reggae flows with Indian instruments to produce a supposedly riveting and highly pulsating “Sisak Sisak Ke” which gives a glimpse of ostentatious 80’s disco epoch. This will be a treat for HR fan’s where he used blazing mast electronic beats and frisky rap inputs but for me the track lost its glam when HR started harshly hymning the humdrum beats. In this song HR’s try to become RDB goes in vain.
Remix: Remix is quite different from the original one and Akbar Sami, mostly used saxophone to give keyed up disco beat to it along with excess use of rap.

Tere Bin chain Na aave: So after trying Sufi rock, Foodie song, Punjabi love song and disco fever, our HR is now in mood of Ghazal and he comes with “Tere Bin Chain Na Aave” where Tulsi Kumar joins him in giving out feminine sentiments. But this song totally belongs to HR where he modulated his tones in varying pitches (his voice is quite different in this track). The best part of the song is the use of attractive touch of conventional Indian music and arrangements.
Remix: Well I think that remix of this is not required because it totally destroyed the mood of the original song which is quite impressive.

Masha allah: Next comes a desi-fied-sufi-rock-ballad based romantically impulsive track “Masha Allah” (I am confused how to classify it). This song will surly gonna remind you of “Allah Kare” from “Ahista Ahista”. The lyrics of this song are quite impressive and I was confused whether this one will be the “Dard-e-dil” of this Karzzz or “Dhoom tere ishq ki” will be. This song is well sung by HR with varying pitch from low to high through out the song at regular interval. This song deserves second hearing also because of the fantastic music arrangement and the apt lyrics. Well written and well performed.
Remix: Done well by Akbar Saami at a higher tempo.

Ek Haseena thi: Do you remember the tale of Kamini and Ravi’s love??? Nahh probably HR knew this so he stepped in Kishore Da’s shoes to sing one of the most admired tracks of Bollywood. The lyrics are kept same as that legendry track but instead of relying more on guitar tune, HR relied on his and Shreya’s singing potential and rearranged the music arrangements without killing the soul of the song. But one thing that confused me that why is he trying to say starting lines in AB mode voice???
Remix: Hmm will say that this is going to be the best remix of the album, which grows on the rhythm and will surely sound good at high volume. The beats added to the song maintain the theme of song and it is a good tribute to insistent original by Lakshamikant-Pyarelal.

My Verdict: After delivering more than 20 back to back smash hits Himesh & T-series combo is back with Karzzzz. Well Karzzzz is a typical HR soundtrack with a mix of mass appealing as well as class appealing tracks ( as Lut jaaon and Dhoom tere Ishq ki I am quite sure that soon Lut Jaaon, Hari Om, Dhoom tere ishq ki and Tere Bi Chain na aave will find it places on chart along with the remixes of Hari omthat is surely gonna suit the coming festive mood. But still the album is burdened by that many songs that after a time point one can easily get bored and here comes the extra ZzZz in picture. I will easily give it 3 star out of 5.

Track I liked
Lut jaaon (original and remix)
Dhoom tere ishq ki
Tere Bin chain na aave
Soniye Je Tere (original and remix)


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