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~*~ExCeLLeNt BuT NoT ByChAnCe~*~

The trio who thrilled Indian Music Industry in 2008 are back again with a new Movie
“Luck By Chance”..

You got it right; I am taking about SEL (Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani and Loy Mendonsa), Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani. The trio has always engrossed the music lovers all over the world with their music, starting from their first pair up in Dil Chahata Hai and the same trend followed in Lakshya, Don-The Chase Begin and Rock On. The best thing with this team is that never feel shy to experiment be it putting the remix of legendry ye mera Dil in Don or giving the center stage to Farhan as a singer and an actor in Rock On.
And now they are coming together for Farhan Akhtar’s sister Zoya Akhtar’s directorial debut Luck By Chance which also has a fabulous star cast (Konkana Sen, Juhi Chawla, Hrithik, Rishi Kapoor, Sanjay Kapoor, Saurabh Shukla, Dimple, Isha Sharvani etc). This album was released on 30th Dec (may be the last album of year) and the music is composed by SEL and the lyrics by Javed Akhtar. Here is my take of their latest musical bonanza!

1. Yeh Zindagi Bhi: The first Track Yeh Zindagi Bhi is crooned by Loy Mendonsa (surprised? Listen to his voice and you will be more surprised) and Shekhar Ravjiani (Sekhar of Vishal Shekhar composer duo who has given voice for Dostana, Bachna Ae Haseeno, tashan, Cash etc.). The song has a bassy start with a cool drum beats and then Loy and Shekhar holds the center stage to leave you breathless with their rendition. The best thing about this song is its philosophical lyrics giving insight of life’s bliss, dreams, optimisms and quietude.

Yeh zindagi bhi kitni baatein keh jati hai, Ek seedhi saadhi baat mein
Yeh zindagi bhi kyun itne khwaab sajati hai, Har suni suni raat mein
Khawabon mein koi armaan hai, Poocho dil se armaan kya hai
Muskil hai ya woh aasaan hai, sun lo dil to yeh kehta hai
Choone hai Taare ise, Chahiye Saaare ise

Now coming to the music part, brilliant use of soft synthesizers, cowed drums, guitar, soulful Piano (by Loy) and use of elegant and uplifting chorus added the needed charm to the lyrics. Tired of hustle-bustle of life, play this on ur headphone and you will forget everything. Awesome song..

2. Baware: Next track Baware starts with an alaap giving you the feeling that this track is going to be a pure classical one but then comes in mastt dholak, dhol and tabla beats, hand clapping, along with typical Rajasthani folk rendition and after 3 minutes the song changes its pace to a complete techno/modern music with traditional Alaaps in the backdrop. The chemistry between Shankar and Loy (especially while singing the sufiana part) is awesome, the way they handled this unique track (indeed a good fusion of qawalli, traditional and filmy). Though this track belongs to Shankar but Ila Arun and the Khan group’s performance in the classical part is equally brilliant. Lyrics have a diverse feeling and when it combined with various traditional instruments and superb singing, makes this song a beautiful track.

tere nain katore jaise
dilkhaaye hilkore jaise
main ab tere hi gungaan gaoon,
dil khoya ab khona kya hai
hona hai toh hona kya hai
beete hai jo mujhpe kya bataoon.

Baware remix: This is Baware highly loaded with heavy techno beats, extra bass and high tempo. Nice remix but I will go for the original version.

3. Pyaar Ki Daastaan: Third track Pyaar Ki Daastan is a quintessential love ballad with thrilling display of piano by Loy Mendosa and is crooned by mellifluous Amit Paul and endowed but rarely heard Mahalaxami Iyer. This is a typical SEL number (you will feel the touch of JBJ’s bol na halke halke) with mesmerizing piano background (to maintain the feel of love), Dholak Beats (to maintain the pace) and marvelous string arrangements. Nice song elucidating the feeling of love.

Mehki si hai tanhaie, Rut hai jaise alsai
Ho dil mein lete hai armaan, Angdai par angdai
Thodi si to rakho humse duri, kyon kahani rahe yeh adhuri
Sab to kehna nahi hai zaruri, Isiliye milke bhi milne ki pyaas hai
Isiliye pyaar ko kal ki bhi aas hai, Isiliye… toh haseen Lagti dooriyan

4. Yeh Aaj Kya Ho Gaya: Next track Yeh Aaj opens with guitar and keyboard beats along with percussion instruments and then Sunidhi holds the center stage to give voice to this soft situational track which talks about a optimistic outlook and a gritty demeanor. The best part of this track is the background drum percussion along with guitar inputs and chorus part. Lyrics are quite good and hummable. A nice song

Din Yuhi Badlane Ko Hai, Zindagi Sawarein Ko Hai
Jane Kyon Yeh Mujhko Hai Laga, Lachki Hai Jo Dil Ki Daali
Kaliyan Abb Hai Khilne Wali, Huale Haule Paas Aake
Dheme Se Gaayen Hawaein, Jaane Yeh Sab Kya Hai Jo Bhi Hai Naya Sa Hai,
Pairon Tale Dil Kho Gaya, Yeh Aaj Kya Ho Gaya..

5. Sapno se bhare naina: This was the track that holds my attention from its starting. Song starts with guitar beats and then Shankar pitches in with his deep voice. This song is based on Raag Bhairavi and Shankar gave his best in this song which talks about the passionate dreams that he/she sees for his/her life and about reality of life. Javed Sahab has given superb lyrics

Door Se Hi Sagar Jise Har Koi Maane,
Pani Hai Woh Ya Reth Hai Yeh Kaun Jaane
Jaise Ke Din Se Rain Alag Hai
Sukh Hai Alag Hai Aur Chain Alag Hai
Per Yeh Jo Dekhe Woh Nain Alag Hai
Chain To Hai Apna Sukh Hai Paraye
Sapno Se Bhare Naina
To Neend Hai Na Chaina.
The best thing about this song is Shankar's adroit choral set alongside wicked trance music in form of cavernous drum and base cadence track, which is mesmerizing, rhythmic and have club feel along with.

6. O Rahi Re: The last OST O rahi Re is a semi Sufi-classical, thought provoking number that dwells on the unsure state of mind and is backed by acoustic guitar and classical string based instrument (I think it is sitar). Lyrics are amazing (or will say the best of album) and what create the magic with amazing music is Shankar Mahadevan’s controlled immaculate vocals. Hear it a couple of time, it will grow on you. Superb…
ik raasta kaanton ka hai, ik raasta phool ka
tujhpe hai kaun se, tu raaste ko chune
ik raasta hai soch ka, ik raasta bhool ka
tujhpe hai tera dil, ab kya kahe kya sune
hoga tera hi yeh faisla, hai sochna ya bhoolna
bol tera hai kaunsa rastaarahi re o rahi re
kisi ko nahi hai pata

My Take: After Giving ROCK ON, SEL is back with, LUCK BY CHANCE, which is going to be the in the list of best albums of 2009 for sure. LUCK BY CHANCE, brilliantly showcases the brilliant endeavor of SEL, their outstanding flair (be it use of soulful guitar in Yeh Zindagi bhi or fusion of rajasthani folk music with modern techno music in Baware), their miscellany (check out the slow smoothing Yeh Aaj Kya Ho Gaya and Raag Bhairavi based Sapno se Bhare Naina) and their ability to do experiments (giving center stage to Loy). This album indeed has an inimitable savor and an eccentric style which will surely gonna win our hearts. I will give 4**** out of Five. Go grab your copy and you will not be disappointed.

My Favorites:
1. Ye Zindagi bhi
2. Sapno se bhare naina
3. O Rahi Re

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