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~RaAz-2 The MyStErY CoNtInUeS~

After giving critically acclaimed movies like Kalyug, Woh Lamhe and Awarapan,Mohit Suri is back with his next venture Raaz-The Mystery Continues starring Emraan Hashmi and Kangana Ranaut. Initially the movie was said to be sequel of 2002 super hit Raaz but now it’s clear that it is not a sequel.

Now coming to the Music, the music of Raaz-TMC was supposed to give by Nadeem-Sharavan who gave the music for Raaz but later on they were replaced by Pritam, who again was replaced by some newcomers as Raju Singh, Pranay M. Rijia, Sharib-Toshi and Gourav Dasgupta. Movies by Vishesh Films, mostly has been good on the musical part (be it Naaraz (1993) or Sangharsh (1999) or Raaz (2002) or Murder (2004) or Wo lamhe (2006) or Jannat (2008) so hopes were higher from the movie Raaz-TMC. The lyrics of the album are by Sayeed Quadri, Kumaar and an unkown lyricist (??). Here is my take on music of music of Raaz-TMC.

1.Maahi Ve: The album opens with Maahi ve track showing love filled with pain in the intense voice of Muhammad Ovez Sabri aka Toshi (who? Singer from reality show Amul Star Voice of India, Ustaadon ke Ustaad and Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar). This music is also by duo Toshi and Sharib sabri (who are brothers). This song shows a perfect blend of fervent and furious passion along with a fine blend of Indian and Western instruments that will surely keep on growing on repeated hearings. Lyrics are by Sayeed Quadri and are good enough to show the pain of love. In this song, Toshi brilliantly showed his range as a singer by ardently conveying the edginess of a provoked soul and discerning aficionado and pain of wait for togetherness can easily be felt in his voice. Worth listening.

“Tujhe milke lagaa hai yeh,
tujhe dhundh raha tha main
tujh me he kuch aise subah sa
iski khaatir main tha jaga saaa
tu mere khwab sajaa ja re
maahi aajaa re maahi aajaa re”

Rock with me: This track was created keeping club goers using high pitched thrilling singing and scorching synthesizer through out the song. But somehow the original version was a better track.

2. Soniyo: Next track starts with Neeraj Shridhar’s quixotic lines “Baby come stand by my side, come and be my guiding light, I will be what you want me to be, I will give all my love in whole of my life” and then Sonu Niigaam (was this suggested by some numerologist) and Shreya holds the center stage to take you to the mundane feeling of love and togetherness. The lyrics of this mushy song are by Kumaar, (known for Maa Da Laadla from Dostana) and music by Raju Singh (known for music in page 3, Ishq Visik, Kalyug and Tum yaad aaye) is just sufficient enough to maintain the mood of this love song. But will surely not last for long

“Tumhein dekhta hoon to sohcta hoon bas yehi,
tum jo.. mera saath do..
sare gum bhola ke jee lu muskuraake zindagi
tu dede mera saath thaam le haath
chahe jo bhi ho baat tu bas de de mera saath”

Soniyo (from the Heart): This is unplugged version of track and this soft quixotic number is sung by Krishna (known for remix version of Aap ki kashish and subsequent brawl with Himesh, Rabba(Musafir), Main Jahan Rahoon (Namastey London) and Maula Mere (Chuk De India). This number is better than the parent one cos of rawness of Krishna’s voice and the haunting feelings attached to it. Worth listening..

3. O Jaana: Next track O Jaana is crooned by Krishna Kumar Menon aka Kay Kay or KK. This number has all the qualities that a number needs to get its place in the playlist of clubs and who other than KK can be relied for such types of songs (be it Kya yahi pyaar hai-Wo lamhe or Zara Sa-Jannat). The lyrics by Sayeed Quadri are not that deep but what holds the center stage is the music by Raju Singh and singing by KK that will keep you with the song.

“Main Vahaa Jahaa Pe Tu He,
Mera Ishq To Junoon He..O Jaanaa. O Jaanaa.”

O Jaana (Dance with Me): Want to move your body? Here is the track which will force you to shake your legs. Remixed by DJ Suketu with extra retro and funky arrangement along with vibrating background vocals,this cadenced number with western touches and electronically punched beat patterns which surely will find its audience in youngsters.

4. Kaisa yeh raaz hai: The next track Kaisa yeh raaz hai is a lingering and slow song that can be the movie’s narrative. This song is written by Sayeed Quadri and is crooned by KK in creepy undertone and reminiscent deep voice giving it a haunting feeling. This haunting orchestra driven song is composed by Pranay M Rijia. This song belongs to KK who have always proved his worth be it a feisty one (O Jaana) or a contemplative song like this one. Will work in movie…

5. Banda Re: The album ends with devotional kind of song with a message that god is in side the human being not in temple and mosque. The best part of this song is its lyrics (lyricist unknown) and Krishna raucously singing where he gives his voice to some of Kabir’s eternal doggerels that are mixed with celestial Bhagvad Gita shlokas to show out the valor of ultimate supremacy over evil forces.

Mauko kahan dhoondhe re bande
main to tere paas menaa teerath me naa moorat me
naaa ekaant niwaas me o..naaa mandir me naaa masjid me
naaa kaabe kailaash meMain to tere paas me bande.
Main to tere paas me. bandaa re”
In this Semi-classical-sufi track, Gourov Dasgupta (Dus Kahaniyaan fame) has brilliantly fused Indian classical with sufi-flavors. Will surely work in movie…

My take: Vishesh Film or better to say Bhatt’s are always known for the music starting from Naraaz to Jannat, and here too they didn’t fail to give the impression what they had made. This time in place of giving chances to a famous music director or any band or any singer across the border, they relied on newbie’s as Pranay M. Rijia, Sharib-Toshi and Gourav Dasgupta and they didn’t fail to show a range of emotions and caliber in their melodious work and able to produce an album that is worth listening and will surely make its strong presence on the marquee, though few songs might need repeat hearing to grow on you. I will give 3 out of 5 stars.

Songs I liked:
1.Maahi ve
2.O Jaana (Dance with Me)
3.Soniyo (from the Heart)

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