Thursday, October 8, 2009

~*The day I was Born*~

Tuesday, 6th Oct 2009, 11.30 pm
Tired of work, was trying to sleep and with numbess in my mind and body, nothing else. Medha was with Mom, as usually discussing on Saas-Bahu issues!!!! Slowly slowly I was drifted in the sweet lap of sleep and forgot everything.

All of sudden, I heard a cry!! Happy Bday Sweetu!!!

That was Medha, standing near me with my fav Black forrest cake with some candles on it. I was shocked that how come I didn't remember my Birthday.

She saw me startled and asked, "Hey what happened??? Are you ok??"

"Yeah!! I am fine, was surprised. Tall" somehow i managed to reply
"Now its time to cut the cake, chalo saari candles bujhao" (well to be true, that was my first time when I was blowing off the candles, during my college days, no one bothered bout candles and all, Birthdays were meant for BUMPS BUMPS and BUMPS and cake covered faces) .

"ok" I replied nervously and got up


Candles still burning!!!!

"Arre aur jor se"

Phuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ..................
And finally managed to blow off a few but they they got lit again
Then I relaized, these are magic candles(Gawwwwwdddd)
Somehow managed to blow off all the candles and cut the cake.
And the cake was awesome!!

Got call from Sisters, Sister-in-laws, Brother-in-laws and In-laws and finally retired to bed again.

Wednesday, 7th Oct 2009

Was late for office, took a quick bath, wore new pair of trousers and shirt (gifted by Medha) and left for office. Reached office by 9.10 (late as usual due to traffic and all). Friend wished me and was forced to cut a cake again (with my name wrongly written on it and with some other things Check it in the pic.. Sighhhhhh ) and got indulged in work. Checked for a few times and after seeing the tons of virtual gifts from members I was shocked in the same way as i use to when i read crapy DPs (copy asted one and the posts full of I, ME and MYSELF). Took lunch at 1.30 and then again back to desk to get up at 6 pm.

It was a hectic day. Reached home by 6.30, had tea with family, went to temple and then had an awesome dinner cooked by Medha and Mamma.
Watched TV for some time, where got a glimpse of "Big Boss-3 (What the crap)" and "Pati, patni aur woh (it should be named as Mujhe En clebreties se Bachao)" and then retired to bed. Got up by phone calls at 12'O clock. All were from my college friends to wish me A very happy birthday. Few asked me that my Facebook profile shows my bday as 7th Oct. why so??

Actually it's complicated, (I said this in Himesh style) I replied I was born at 11.55 pm on 7th october, so my family use to wish me on 7th only but most of my relative took it as 8th October (saying Us samay itna precise time kaun dekhta tha, it will be 8th only) and the same was spread in my school and in the college too.)

And yeah

I received this funny poen from one of my friend (Who sent me Birthday wishes after 6 years, God knows why) but this one was cool one

Hike across green Ireland;

Bike the USA;

Backpack through New Zealand,

But don’t call it a day…

Do yoga in lovely Paris;

Jump rope in Katmandu;

Avoid Italian pasta,

(Well, maybe taste, but don’t you chew!)

Climb atop Mt. Everest;

Do aerobics on China’s Wall;

Lift weights on Mexican Beaches;

And honey, that’s not all…

Shake your booty with native dances

In Fiji and Bora Bora;

Move your body and exercise

Like you’ve never done before.
Okay; that’s good;

you’re finished;

Now you can take a break;

You’ve finally burned enough calories

To have your birthday cake!

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