Friday, November 6, 2009

The lost Innocence

After giving sufficient time to my damaged ligament to heal, on Sunday, I came out of my house for a walk to a park nearby. And it felt so good to fold my stretched leg (ouch!!!!! felt a sting of pain but it felt nice). While sitting on the bench with my better-half and talking about increments, promotions and all that stuff, my eyes got fixed on a small boy of age around 6. While playing with a ball he was singing some song in undistinguished voice which initially I was not able to understand.

But when I heard it properly, I was amazed that he was singing a very old but famous song “cheel cheel chilla ke kajri sunaye.. jhum jhum kauwa bhee dholak bajaye..” and that too in a his cute funny voice and the best part was when he says “arre wawawa arre wawawa”.

All of sudden, I was in deep thought ki yaar how come hi knew this song? Now a days we all are happy with Dil mera Hit-Hit, Ahun Ahun, Dhan te naan ,Tandoori Nights and all other not-so-good songs. But I was not able to find the answer cos he was not interested in talking to strangers.

This song took us back to our childhood days…

The days when cold drinks used to be once in a while thing and its consumption used to be an occasion. It was something that used to be enjoyed and to feel good about, not only just a mean to satiate our thirst.

The days when birthday's meant to be an in-house gathering of friends & family with proper home made food and not just a birthday luxury in a gaudy bistro.

The days when Doordarshan's sunday morning Rangoli, Chandrakanta, Mahabharat, Ramayana and cartoons (Duck-tales, Tale-spin) and evening Movies used to be a Special event when all the neighbors use to gather at one place to watch them.

The days when summer vacations used to be a time to have wholesome trouble-free fun but not a time to force children to enhance their skills by joining all promising vacation course.

The days when we use to go to our villages to enjoy our vacations without any tensions, without any burdens, without any pressures, without any cheatings, and also without any complaints with a lot of swimming in the pond and river, those running around trees and animals, those cycling teachings, those jagging and fighting with friends but not a time when each child compete with other to please their parents.

The days when we use to sit with our parents and talk about everything but not a time when we have no time for our spouses too.

The days when Ek aur anek, Mile sur mera tumhara, the Doordarshan music at 6 o’clock used to be children’s fav song not Meri pant bhi sexy and Hoth rasiley.

We were lost in the memories but the raindrops bought us back in the world where we are living, the world with ruthless cutthroat struggle, where one have to go over others head to gain something and the world where there is no place for innocence.

Well, after coming back the first thing I did was downloading the songs of Movie HALF-TICKET along with videos of famous Doordarshan songs as Ek aur anek, Don’t spread rumors, Title track of Jungle Book (Jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai, Chaddhi pehan ke phool khila hai phool khila hai), Shristi se pehle (Bharat ek Khoj), Surabhi and Duck-tales.


Cos I wanted to show the coming generations about our past and also to satisfy my hunger to go back in time and find the lost innocence…..

~*The innocent and the beautiful Have no enemy but time*~ William Butler Yeats


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  2. Hey Bhupesh,

    Nice blog man.. didnt get the time to review all of it, but ur first post got me hooked..! What you wrote was absolutely true! From the occasional glass of cold-drink (i used to wait for guests to come so that i cud have some too) to duck-tales and tale spin!!! Those were the best days of my life!

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    Best regards,

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  4. How true! I always feel my daughter is missing out on childhood in the real essence of the word. I know what fun we used to have (without malice).
    Great post. Revived my childhood while I read it!