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~*Naam bade aur Darshan Chote*~

From last two months, Love Aaj kal was all over the news and music channels, partly due to controversies (trimmed beard, But I am still confused where this protest was when Singh is King was released and Akki paaji kept a super duper thin daadhi) and partly due to the music scores (most of them taken from some other movies and old Punjabi songs (Kadi te has bol de by Madam Maddi which was taken from a Pakistani song sung some years ago by Lahore-based Naseebo Lal who was famous for VULGAR SONGS :) ).

In promos, movie looked refreshing errrrrrr but a bit disconnected as well (well, It was the chemistry between Deepika and Saifu, that failed to impress me right from the first promotional song Chor bazzari).

Being a big fan of Imtiaz Ali, I was bound to watch this movie. So we did our homework in advance, oops it means advance ticket booking for the first day third show (yeah I know that was not too advance but still we managed to get the last tickets available at Fun Cinema @ Miyapur, closest Movie theatre from our company and place).

After checking and all we entered the hall, it was already dark over there with some VICCO VAZRADANTI and VICO TURMERIC WSO cream (what the hell is WSO?? I am still confused) going on. It took around a minute to adjust our eyes but in meantime we had already hurt a couple of cute thin legs, finally after all that when we reached to our seat and getting settled, Aladdin’s (Amitabh, Ritesh and Sanju baba starrer) first teaser started playing and it looked like India’s reply to Harry Potter.)
While I was busy in looking that who is going to occupy the vacant seat next to mine, I heard a question, “Abe kya lagta hai Movie kaisi hogi???” And I was shocked at his question, but then get hold on my nerves and replied, “Abe ye tickect book karne ke pehle sochna tha, ab okhli me sar dala hai to musal se kya darna. Aur waise kisne kaha tha ki movie dekho”.

Khair movie started with Saifu and Deepika errrrr I mean Jai Vardhan Singh and Meera Pandit meeting for the first time in lift in September (As far as I remember, it was September only) and then moved on to December, January, July, August, and so on and with in 10 minutes my biggest nightmare turned into reality when I heard the song “Ye Dooriyaan” after that and watching Saifu in a plain and Deepika in a car… I was totally confused what is this??? Is movie is going to be in Flashback or it is in Flashback…
Plot: Love Aaj Kal begins with the story of Jai Vardhan Singh and Meera Pandit, who are in London and in love with each other or at least that’s what they think, In spite of this love and all, both are "realistic" enough to realize that their relationship can’t take priority over their careers which are foremost important for them (Golden Gate for Saifu and some old fort for Deepika), they finally decided to break up, cordially without any hard feelings or tears and gave a " break-up" party to celebrate the event.
Well in mean time café owner called Veer Singh (Rishi Kapoor) comes in the pic and asked Saifu bout reason of their break up and then narrates his own love story to him featuring bearded Saif as Veer singh saying “Is janam mein aur har janam mein… yehi meri votti banegi – Harleen Kaur. Ya job hi iska naam hoga agle janmo me.” But even he was not able to force Jai to stop Meera.

Chalo Yahan tak to sab theek thaak hi tha par ab shuru hui main problem. In Delhi, Meera starts going out with her boss (Rahul Khanna) using the same tantrums what she used on Jai and in meantime Jai falls for a Swiss girl called Jo. Jo forced him to come to India where he met Meera again and was a bit jealous of Rahul khanna, but decided to move on.

In between Veer Singh keep on telling Jai story bout how he travelled a thousand kilometers by train to stand under her balcony only to have a glimpse of her face. And yet not speak a word with her. Jai was confused bout this love and Laila Majnu stuff but later on he realized the fact that may be the relationship might be different in different era with different names but the love remains the same and finally was united with her Meera who in the meantime had married her boss and left him on the first day of there wedding.

Director and all: Well, now let me talk something about the movie and its crew. Love Aaj Kal is directed by Imtiaz Ali and produced by Saif Ali Khan. And this movie was said to be a copy of a Taiwenese film, Hao De Shi Guang (Three Times in English and as usual the directors and producer denied bout that).

As far as direction is concerned, I think Imtiaz was a bit confused bout the characters and failed to develop Meera’s character to its fullest. There was no maturity in her character (aaj break up, kal shaadi, shaadi ke agle din pati ko chodna and then living all alone waiting for old love to come) when we compare with Ayesha Takia’s role in Socha Na Tha and Kareena’s Role in Jab we met. And in end I found this movie to be a khichdi of Socha Na Tha (confusion about love and relationship), Hum Tum (sad lady leaving all alone), Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (Rishi Kapoor’s story) and Jab We Met (Again miserable lead lady). And what lacked the most was the chemistry between the lead pair.

Cinematography by N Natarajan Subramaniam was awesome and he beautifully captured the scenic London and Beautiful Delhi. Music by Pritam was contemporary (but beats taken from Old songs though royalty paid this time) and back ground scores were by Salim Sulemman.

Acting: Character of Jai was tailor-made for Saif Ali khan, who looks quite good in roles of a career oriented-smart ass flirt and acted naturally, looked great and delivered a memorable performance. But when it comes to the role of young Veer Singh, he was totally out of sync with his old, bearded look and his mumbaiya Punjabi accent. (Saifu dear, mana producer ho to kya saare role khud hi karo ge).

But at places he looke liked Deepika's uncle. Check this pic

Deepika as career oriented Meera looked good in the scenes that do not demanded emotional outbursts but failed otherwise. I thought Imtiaz would take a character out of her but miserably failed…. I think may be the problem was the development of her character in the movie was a bit haphazard.

Giselle Monteiro as Harleen Kaur was an eye-candy and that’s all she was. Her stunned expressions and her freezed dance steps were horrible (even more than that of Shruti Hasan in YUCK ooops i mean Luck). I heard that she was taken for the role of JO but later on shifted to this role. Only her face looked like a Punjabi but not her actions, accent and dance steps.

Watching Rishi Kapoor in the role of Old Veer Singh was a real treat and he was brilliant in his short but sweet role and same was true for Rahul Khanna (whose wife lefts him on the second day of marriage saying Main baad me maafi maang lungi). Neetu Kapoor was an unexpected package in an unexpectedly small role! Raj Zutshi and others (including Veer Singh’s friend) were ok.
Few Scenes Those were really Cool one:
1. The scene when Jai tried to explain that they should break up but was totally confused how and what to say
2. The scene where Deepika and Saif’s friend were confused bout what to bring in at the unusual Break-Up party or how to wish them for that occasion.
3. Saif’s try to hit on Jo in the same manner he did for Deepika but it didn’t work on her and he finally cover it up
4. Retro love story of Veer and Harleen
5. Harleen asking Veer Singh not to follow her (That time her grace and elegance and the scene was awesome)
6. Harleen bringing black tea for Veer hiding it in her dupatta
7. Harleen kaur dancing (Awww that too was indeed very phunny watching her confused and stunned face expression while dancing on punjabi beats in a freezed standing position.
8. Deepika saying, Main tumse baad me bhi maafi maang lungi, to Rahul Khanna (in deed a height of stupidity)
9. Last but not the least, the end scene where almost full hall was in splits when they saw Deepika crying and asking main neeche aa jaun.

My Take: What worked for Ali’s Jab We Met was the essence of the movie so that every boy and girl related to Geet and Aditya who were deeply in love with each other but failed to accept it due to some problems, where as in Love Aaj Kal, it was a complete mix-up of emotion that left even Imtiaaz ali out of option. The second problem with the movie was erratic time travelling which created a lot of confusion. The movie started in a good pace but later on lost its track, some times it was running to fast to keep the audience glued and some times it dragged like anything for a predictable ending.
I will give it a two star but will still recommend it as it has it own moments.

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