Tuesday, August 25, 2009

~*Quick Gun Murugun*~Listen it Yanna Rascals*~

Guys, Put your Green Shirts and Orange pants on and Come out I say, to salute our Indian Cow boy whose name is Q G Murugun, Quick Gun I say.

First thing first, this is not a traditional Indian comedy!!! Mind It. It’s a spoof directed by Shashanka Ghosh (who is known for his quirky Waisa bhi hota hai part 2 which most of us haven’t watched) and is being released in Hindi as well as English. This movie is inspired by a famous Channel [V] character Quick Gun Murugun, a veg south Indian cowboy with guntastic power who comes forward to protect the world and vegetarianism (yeah u got it right) against Rice Plate Reddy and enters in an heroic clash that extents time and space, from a small South Indian village to an Indian heaven and then finally to a cosmopolitan Mumbai across 25 years. The music of movie is given by Sagar Desai (along with Raghu Dixit) and lyrics by Ankur Tiwari (except Ek Tha Murugan by Shellee). To be true, I was never interested in the music of QGM, but after hearing it for the first time I am glued to it.,.. Here is my take of this uproarious album

1. Dialogue mix: Album opens with Dialogue mix using witty dialogues from the movie starting with Karma bhoomi mera yeh aangan, with a back ground trademark Tamil kuthu music and hits one hard enough to make an impact. And through out the song you will be amazed how some amazingly inane lyrics and vivacious music can be combined to give this fulltoo time pass track. This is supposed to be a promotional track as most of the dialogues featured in the songs are shown in trailer, be it trademark Come out I say or Remove your guns I say or Agar tu lightening hai, to main 250 volt current I say, Murugan to Gun powder Rascal, main sikhayega how to behave, Gun Powder replies Need not to worry abey gede, main correspondence se seekh loonga or Main tere pe Google kiya hai, Rice Plate Exclamation Mark!!.

Listen it to believe it. This is gonna hit you hard I say.

2. Murugan Superstar: is the next track that again glorifies Quick Gun Murugun as a Tej nishaane baaj. Though this track also uses dialogues from the movie but this one is more hummable and supposedly it should be the introductory track for QGM which describes him as the only superstar who doesn’t have a wonder car but drives all the ladies wild and his character. This track is composed by Raghu Dixit and Ramina Reddy and sung by Raghu himself. This track is a perfect fusion of Indian music (use of Sitar and Carnatic vocals) with western one (brilliant Rap and beats) and Raghu brilliantly used the South Indian words (as First beedi, Mothalle Sambar, Apparama Nee, and Rendu gun in his pocket) to gel with the mood of the song.

3. Mind it (Tamil Bhangra): Ever heard of Tamil Bhangra before??? Naaah!! Well this is possible only with QGM. This is will remind you of a perfect Indian mix veg where there is south Indian music on Bhangra tunes and a punjabi singer crooning for asouth Indian cowboy. Well this songs is again about QGM as a Dhoondhe na mile na aisa Namoona, jo ladies logo ko patata par us me hamesha fail, jiske saare funde hai ghatiya aur phaltu, who has well toned body just thoda phat re but he is still item sayana. Well this is not all it has even words like Apna pichwada bajao “Wink wink” along with Bhau bhau and meow meow. But beside Idli, Appam and Sambhar there is no Tamil in it (but yes, back ground music is there) and in the name of Bhangra our nassy Mika is there, but even after that this track works. Do remember to listen veena after Mika’s voice.
Club Mix: Remixed by Club mix by Mc Bobkat and was totally not required as the parent was doing great.

4. Kyun keeda hai aapko: Next track kyun keeda hai aapko is surly one of the best songs I have heard this year. This is a chatty track with a classical Carnatic base with it. This track is crooned by Vijay Prakash (known for his classical singing capabilities and for his songs in Cheeni kum (Sooni Sooni), Swades (Pal Pal Hai Bhaari) and Jai ho) and talks about living the moment leaving worries behind. The main attraction of this song is the soulful rendition by Vijay, cynical yet side-splitting lyrics by Ankur Tewari and classical jazz music by Desai. You gonna sing it for some of your friends for sure chhode apna chirkut-pan..gootli chhodein khaye aam..aapse meri trahimaam. Awesome!!!

Bak bak hai aapki sunli, Kis khet ki aap hain mooli

Tedhe sawaalon ke hain tedhe jawaab

Miyaan na biwi raazi Phir bhi lage hain quaazi

Itne asmanjaz mein hain kyun janaab Kyun janaab, Kyun janaab

5. Ek tha Murugun: Next track Ek tha Murugun starts with the trademark cowboy guitar tune and then Vijay Prakash holds center stage to croon this track written by Shelle. This track is again about Murugun who is tried of being famous. This track has a peculiar retro feeling to it and Vijay’s raw and languid voice perfectly suits the song. Perfect mixture of Wild West and Indian curry. Hats off to Vijay Prakash and Desai

ek tha murugun bada hi quick gun sahi hai
umrr bhi ja rahi hai par chamak hai aur damak
main hoon naayak kaise shikaayat karun main
pura get up videsi andar se full to desi, thodi milaavat
confusion kya kahun main senti na ho jaau main, ek banaawat
bas yahin hai

6. Chat Mangni Lover: How many times you come across a recent track that has a captivating old feel attached with it?? Not many na!! Now try Chat Mangni Lover. This retro ballad track has everything that is gong to leave you mesmerized, be it the feel of old music (raucous string sound, unusual piano sounds) funny lyrics with legendary Sanskrit words and commonly used Hindi and English word or amazing singing by Vijay Prakash which compliments the song. And yeah do concentrate on lyrics; otherwise it will be Flaval at the place of Flower.

aa ha turant prakat ho na mere liye

na shak maanasi kathin tan hai yeh

sanaka sehama mann hai tere liye

hai yeh bhraham hai yeh bhraham preet yeh iski re

ho little flower be my loverbe my lover cute chat mangani pat byaah lover

Space Goddess remix: This one has a lounge touch with it and here Pratichee Mohapatra who joins Vijay Prakash behind the mike and music is rearranged by Deep and DJ Chandu with perfect mix of dialogues and classical music and vocals. Awesome

Aunties On The Dance Floor: Next remixed track is called as Aunties On The Dance Floor and remixes with extra beats attached to it at fast pace. Parent one was much better but this will force you to dance floor.

7. Kuchi Kuchi Twist: Not over with Chat mangni Lover, here comes the next retro track for you with a perfect mix of traditional and 1960’s music (with shrieking band and piano beats). This track is crooned by Vijay Prakash and Hamsika Iyer with characteristic southern accent and will surly rekindle the Eastman color romance on the screen where heroine lures the hero and yeah don’t forget to catch para para para through out the track and also don’t forget to catch the gender confusion at the end of song. After all its Quick Gun Murugun, any thing is possible. Please…once again!

Rukmaniye chance nahi le, sabka hai man,

bas ek chumban Rukmaniye ye kissi ye na de.

kuchh pyaar jataate hai, kuchh money dikhaate hai

kuchh flower le aate hai, kuchh drive karaate hai
Kuchi kuchi se kuch na ho agar bas ye samjho

Bin reasons se pyaar karo
Rukmanie will say Hello

Please once again
Main pyaar jatata hoon, main mani dikhata hoon

flower bhi laata hoon, usey drive karaata hoon

Kuchi kuchi bhi karta hoon…
Want to make family with you only Rukmini

Ragamuffin mix: This track is remixed by Mc Bobkat and have superb Tamil Rap by Sout Dandy Squad and this one is as enjoyable as the older version.

8. Naam mera mango dolly: The album ends with a seductive jazzy number Naam mera Mango Dolly with a feel of 50’s cabaret to it, where Geeta John croons the hinglish wordings praising Mango Dolly (naam hai mera mango dolly, I am a lady rumba jolly, sweet toffee like a lolly, sabki neede maine uda di). The best part of this one is the music arrangement and the vocals involved in the music part.

Kisi ki bhi hai na maine suni Apni kahaani bhi khud hi buni

Look mera Fair ‘n Lovely Mera dank mein zehar hai

I am a lady jolly Sweet toffee like a lolly

Sabki neendein maine udaali

My Take: In the current Bollywood scenario, after first listening one will easily feel that this album is totally out of sync and at least a few decades old. But, one should have to keep this in mind that this is according to the story and mood (cheesy-spoofy theme) of the movie where hero has to travel time spans.

Ever imagine that one will get a totally engrossing album from a spoof??? No, even I was not ready to buy the album, but I was bowled by kyun Keeda hai aapko and end up in getting this album. This album is like Appam with pizza toppings on it. Here you have Dialogue mix that will have you in splits (listen to I like your culture line), you have Murugan Superstar that is perfect fusion of Indian classic with western beats, you have Punjabi paratha with sambhar in form of Mind it, you have Kyun Keeda ahi aapko a jazz based Carnatic classic vocal, you have Chat mangani Lover and Kuchi Kuchi Twist as an ode to Eastman color romance of 1950’s and last but not the least you have Naam hai mera mango dolly, a seductive cabaret number. May be in first listen, one will find this as a tacky one but when it hits its target, it hits it hard. For their sincere effort Sagar Desai, Raghu Dixit and Ankur Tewari surely deserve a standing ovation. Be ready for a flashy commoving comic ride! I will give it 4 and half star out of five. Listen it I say!!!!


  1. Lovely tracks, catchy music... and weird music that makes it a must to hear... Now movie releasing today.. Let's see how does it come out to be

  2. hey Vee

    Its wierd but still hummable
    specially Keeda hai aap ko one

    Well i read a few review (from a preview show) and none of them were very promising (with 3 star and saying it as a over cooked pasta). So will wait for it till saturday

    What s about WUR???

    I loved a couple of songs especially first 4 and then Pyaari Pyaari and then Last track (beats are awesome)

    Lemme know your views on it


  3. I kinda say WUR is ok and much better than Wanted and WUS... Sorry to say ya but better than WUS... I am not keeoing much hopes with the movie but songs I liked.. Title song (both versions) is good. Sohail Sen has nice voice, and he is music director as well...

    Pyaari Pyaari is nice and so is Aa le chal... anyways overall a cool album... easily 3.5 .. something which can put and lie down n listen wid eyes closed... but not all songs... last me kuchh gaane zabardasti ke add kiye huye se lagte hain

  4. Vee

    Agreed on WUR
    initially it was a bit stale but now yes they are on my play list along with WUD :P

    Title track is good but i will prefer Chehre jo dekhe hain may be due to beats and all. But dont you think there is some I-HAVE-HEARD-THIS-TUNE-BEFORE kinda feeling with WUR songs??

    Details i will write in my review, If i will get time. Actually each song is dedicated to a sunsign so u can understand :P