Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I got this picture in my inbox a few days back and shocked to see how clearly it defines my current situation. I am tired. Tired of things around me, tired of blame games, tired of excessive work loads, tired of all formalities.

I’m worn-out of being misconstrued,
Nerves are exploding
weak like old twig.

I am exhausted of being sick
No energy left in me
it looks like I am losing my skills.

I am dead beat of so-called acquaintances,
Who kept on stabbing me in the back
Again and again and again

I am drained of trying to make things right,
I decided to give up – I surrender
with no spirit to fight.

Right now… I’m just tired…


  1. Take the step, start your own setup. OR take a break for a few days and go out for a vacation with wife. Young parents with tiny kids are in a pressure cooker situation and all the jobs and the inept bosses suck big time. I completely empathize with your situation. Really take a break of any sort which helps you recharge. Talk it out with your wife.

  2. surprise to knw dat someone like you can get into such a situation who is so vibrant and full of life....
    Now I get it dat u'hv been workin pretty hard n need a perfect break to fill dat gap...
    SO CHILL OUT YAAR!!!...Kit kat break tho banta hai :>>

  3. Sending you lots of e-relaxation! :)