Wednesday, January 6, 2010

~*Veer Music Review*~

After being busy with Shaurya for almost a month, I got my hands on few of the recent release music albums. Initially I was totally confused that which one are released and which are scheduled to release but thanks to Ujjwal and others to refreshing my knowledge.

After a lot of research and discussions (read gossips), I got my hands on the music album (downloaded some of them too; Bad me, I know that but cant help it out) of Salman starer and his dream project Veer, Ishqiya which is imbibed with soft techno-rural music by Vishal Bhardwaaj and awesome lyrics by Gulzaar Saab, Hep Chance pe dance and dull looking Dulha Mil Gaya (Goddddddddd Sush really needs a mirror and a fashion adviser). Let me start with Veer and others will follow later


To be true, expectations were not high from this epic movie on the music front as the music was by Sallu's fav Sajid Wajid who are known for there Dan-chic music releases (be it Hello, Wanted or God tussi great ho). But surprisingly the music was on the soothing side and the reason behind that was the awesome lyrics by Gulzaar sahab (It is very hard to destroy his lyrics only Pritam is capable of doing that, remember Marjani from Billu??).

1. Taali: The surprise starts from the first song Taali itself, which is a spirited and truly Indian track with a rustic rajasthani flavor (yeps it is not a love song that starts the album! Different, isn't it??), which is crooned by Sukhwinder Singh and later on Sonu Nigam, Wajid along with Neuman Pinto joins him. When I heard it for the first time, I checked the cover again as i was not ready to accept that it is a Sajid wajid creation but it needs a few hearing to grow on. Nice start.

This song appear later as a solo version in the voice of Sukhwinder and he brilliantly carry this song all along on his own.

"Ghunghat peeche gora mukhda
Paani mein jaise deep jaale re
Hai ghunghat peeche gora mukhda
Paani mein jaise deep jaale re
Charo chahaar wahi bahi dekhoon
Aankh mein kaisa sapna chale re"

2. Surili Akhiyon Waali: The second track Surili Akhiyon Waali is a meloromantic number with some heartfelt and fresh lyrics but there is some thing in the music that will give you I-have-Heard-This-Before feeling (reminds me of tune jo na kaha main wo sunta raha khaamkha bewajah khwaab bunta raha from New York) but nevertheless it is good track to play along due to awesome lyrics and heartfelt rendition by Rahat Fateh Ali khan. Besides this track has an english portion (Antara) in the voice of Suzanne D'mello which will force you to repeat this one for sure.

"Surili akhiyon waali, suna hai teri akhiyon se
Behti hai neendein aurr neendon mein sapne
Kabhi to kinaro pe, utar mere sapno se
Aaja zameen pe aurr mil ja kahin pe
Mil ja kahin .. aa ..
Mil ja kahin, samey se pareh, samey se pareh
Mil ja kahin, tu bhi akhiyon se kabhi meri akhiyon ki sunn
Surili akhiyon waali, suna hai teri akhiyon se"

The same track appears as a duet later where Sunidhi Chauhan joins Rahat to create the magic.

3. Salaam Aaya Next rack Salaam Aaya is in the voice of Roop Kumar Rathod, Shreya and Suzanne De Mello (this time Sajid Wajid got some big guns for sure) and is a slow, melodious track. The best thing about this track is the heartfelt singing by Rathod.

"Tum mile na mile, ye haseen silsile
Waqt ke saqt hai ab ye pitt te nahi
Haan tere bina saans bhi chalti hai
Tere bina dil bhi dhadakta hai
Yaad nahi that yaad aaya
Dabi dabi saanson mein suna tha maine
Bole bina mera naam aaya
Palkein jhuki aurr uthne lagi to
Haule se uska salaam aaya"

4. Meharbaniyan: So far so good but with the next track Meharbaniyan, Sajid Wajid is with a typical Sallu song crooned by Sonu Nigam. This song is totally out of the place song this movie. Sajid Wajid should have saved this one for some other movie. Not required.

"Kitne rang aate jaate hain, aap ke do rukh saaron par
Arrey kitne rang aate jaate hain, aap ke do rukh saaron par
Ek khaya ka rang gulabi, dhoop chadi kosahron par
Kitne rang aate jaate hain, aap ke do rukh saaron par
Arrey har ek ka adaa masoom hai, har ek adaa meherbaan
Meherbaniyan hai, meherbaniyan
Aji meherbaniyan, badi meherbaniyan"

5. Kanha: When i heard the next track, Kanha, I again checked the cover for the music director as I was not expecting something like this from Sajid Wajid after mind-boggling Meharbaniyan. this track is a must listen for all the classical musio lover where Rekha Bhardwaj gave heartfelt rendition and was supported brilliantly by Sabri bothers (Shabab Sabri, Toshi & Sharib) . This song has Rekha written all over it. A masterpiece. SW needs a ovation for this one.

"Pavan udha ve batiyan ho batiyan, pavan udha ve batiyan
Likho pena likho chithiyan ho chithiyan, tipo bina likho chithiyan
Chithiyon ke sandeshe videsh se jaavengi chalengi chathiyan
Chithiyon ke sandeshe videsh se jaavengi chalengi chathiyan
Kanha .. bairun hui bansuri
Ho kanha .. tere adhar kyun dagi
Ang se lagey to, bol suna gaye
Bhaiye na moh lagey
Kanha, din to katta, sanj kattey
Kaise kattey, ratiya
Pavan udha ve batiyan ho batiyan, pavan udha ve batiyan"

6. Spirit Of Veer: The last original track of the album is a minute instrumental Spirit Of Veer which ends as soon as it starts. So need not to pay attention to it.

My Take: When I read the name of Sajid Wajid as Music director, I was a bit disappointed cos they are known for some wacky music but Veer came as a pleasant surprise and the album struned out to be above average or a good one and all because they did not mascaraed the awesome lyrics of Gulzar. Try it!! I will give it 3 out of 5.

What I will keep on my play list:
1. Taali (both Versions)
2. Surili Akhiyon Wale (cause of its awesome lyrics)

3. Salaam aaya


  1. Dont wish to sound like a 18 yr old girl, but gosh..! That totally was best written music review i ever saw!!
    Will check out the songs soon...!

  2. Hey Azad
    Even I do not wish to sound like a 18 yr old girl but have to say Thanks man!!!!

    keep on penning