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~*Chance pe Dance*~ A wasted Chance

Chance pe Dance

Chance Pe Dance boasts on having a truly young star-cast in form of jelly footed Shahid Kapoor and bubbly (but over acting) Genelia. This movie is directed by Ken Ghosh and also touted as the biopic of Shahid Kapoor (and he humbly denies that as expected). Chance pe dance is story of a struggling actor Sameer who is willing to work as hard as he needs to achieve his goal, but always prioritizes and puts his loved ones first. Then there comes Tina, the choreographer who not only helps Sameer in fulfill his dreams but also becomes his love interest. Sounds Familiar!!!

Well lets check the music whether the soundtrack are able to make make us want to dance or not? Opps I forgot to add the icing, there were 4 music directors for this one. Adnan Saami is the official one (on covers) but the album also contains songs composed by Pritam, Ken Ghosh and Sandeep Shirodkar.

1. Pe.. Pe... Pepein...: The first track is Pe Pe Pepein (totally weird and ridiculous title!) and will remind you of By God (from APKGK) because of the same shehnai tune (Mind you, this time pritam stole his own music so you cant blame him). This one is crooned by non other than Neeraj shredhar and later on Master Saleem joins him along with Hard Kaur who pitches in some hard- core punjabi raps (dunno whether using a right word or not) . Its totally weird but you will hum it along for some time and then it will be forgotten. Ohhh this one has a remixed version too where the speed of the track has been increased and some extra beats have been added to give more dance feeling.

"Dont worry pe glassy
Dont worry jo chadhi zara si
Pe ha Pee chal chod udasi
Dont worry kar balle shalle
Dont worry Kya rehna kalle
Zor hilaa de paira thaale
Haa aye Dil tu bhi maar chalanga
Is Dolly ka dyaan kare
dil se dil ka taar mile to
Khushiyon ka mahaul bane

Pe Pe Pe Peeing"

2. Pump It Up: The next track is Pump It Up where our famous (???) music director Vishal Dadlani (of Vishal Shekhar duo who was also the vocalist of Mumbai-based band Pentagram) holds the center stage. Besides a heavy dhol and electronic guitar mix there is nothing special about this track but it works well with Shahid's move and that all is its USP.

"Pump it up!
We gona get in on
Na Na NA
Hil Jayegi yeh zameen bhi
Yeah! we gona get it on
Na Na NA
Na Na NA
Na Na NA na na"

This track appears later as as a remixed version which has some extra pace and beats associated to it but over all it remains the same. Will work surely in discs.

3. Pal mein hi: Next track Pal Mein Hi is a love ballad crooned beautifully by Soham Chakrabarthy and Shreya Ghoshal. The best thing about this track is beautiful lyrics by Irfaan Siddiqui and free flowing music which have some dance beats associated with it (blame it to the theme of the movie). Sweet soothing song but lacks punch.

"Pal mein hi Mujhko mila Pal naya Kuch mila Haan kuch magar kho gaya Kya kahun Kya nahi Labz hai gum kahin hosh mein dil nahi Tere aa jane se Tere aa jane se Tere aa jane se"

4. One More Dance: Next track starts with some good beats and some new techno vibrations (will give you feel that you are listening to some English track but after 30 sec you will have that i-have-heard-this-before feeling because of the background tune of Nach All Night from Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna (this forced me to check for the music director again and i was surprised to find Adnan' sname over there as I was expecting it to be Pritam). This track is crooned by Kunal Ganjawala and he did a good job but there is something missing in this track and its fails to impress. May be work with Shahid's move (as its already a hit among girls mostly due to Shahid's six pack and dance skills).

"Gotta get it on now, gotta now get it right
Whats the din? in jhoom, boom boom shake the room
I wanna wanna see you movin, do feel the maza
Take it from the top, keep doing, tick tock tick tock
Kuch shor ho kuch zor ho, kuch aurr ho ab na
You gotta feel the heat now on the beat, go oo aa oo aa
Shaan se raat aayi hai, ik nasha saath layi hai
Kal ho kya ye to jaane kaun
Ye dal zameeki? going on and on
Give me one on give me one more, Give me one on give me one more
Give me one on give me one more, Give me one more dance"

5. Yaba Daba Yahoo: Next track Yaba Daba Yahoo is crooned by Kunal Ganjawala and have a mix of english and hindi lyrics. This one is a disco number which will remind you of Zoobi Doobi from 3 Idiots. The best thing about this one was the music arrangment which gives it a retro feel But again it lacks the punch that Zoobi doobi has. (I heard that the movie was first named as Yahoo and so this song was created).

"Come on everybody lets rock the party Dekho dekho mauka hai gazab ka Yeah we gonna scream and shout at together Rukey na hum ek pal ko bhi Yaba daba yahoo (Doobi doobi dooba) Yaba daba yahoo (Doobi doobi dooba) Yaba daba yahoo (Doobi doobi dooba) Yaba daba yahoo "

6. Rishta Hai Mera: Next track Rishta hai mera starts with a smoothing rendition by Shaan (that too in quite different voice) and then slowly ascends to a soulful love ballad where Tulsi Kumar joins him. This track has a lots of guitar and drum percussions that gives it old feel (feel of 90's song) but the track lacks punch. It would be like listen and forgot track if not properly choreographed.

"Betaabi hai, bechaini hai,
behadd ye dil bekaraar, beintaahi hai
Haan taare hawa mausam fiza
badal gatah sang hai ab gum na koi hai
Haan zarra zarra jhoome,
khushi kadamon ko choome, pyaare se hain ye silsile
Wo wo .. rishta hai mera aasmano se Badalon se bhi milna hai abhi Haath bhi milana hai sitaron se"

7. Just do it: The next track Just do it is a hip-hop based number crooned by Amit and music is given by Ken Ghosh and Sandeep Shirodkar. This track tells us to feel free and dance and it may be played as background music during dance session showed in movie. Hopefully it will make some sense on screen.

"Dance is super cool Dance is hot hot
Laga le jatka, do it with what you got
If you can shake a leg to dance aayega
Saala pappu bhi nachke dikhayega
Na kar bheja fry, just give it a try
Naach bindass duniya baad mein jaaye
Dikha de nachke, you gotta prove it
Don't think kya da da da do it"

My Take: Going by the previous movies by Ken Ghosh (Ishq-Vishk and Fida), I was expecting something different from this album. Agreed that movie has dance as theme so songs has to comply with it but on listening the album sound similar to the albums available now days (take Love aaj kal, Ajab Prem ki Gajab Kahani etc.) There is nothing special at least on the first few listening but may be it will make greater impact when choreographed properly. Otherwise Chance pe Dance is simply as strident and vociferous as any other present day album. I will give it 2.5 star out of 5 as it lacks the punch completely.
What I will keep on my play list:
May be nothing for long but will surely play
1. Pal mein hi
Pump It Up
3. Pe.. pe..


  1. Bhupesh,

    How in the heaven do you find time for writing such lengthy well-thought out music reviews. I would not do it even if I was getting money for it :). An honest opinion!

  2. Hey

    Actually i am a music buff!!!
    koi bhi naya music ho It will be on my iPod!!
    Aur lamba kahan hai yaar, You have to listen the album for 2-3 times and then have to jot what u feel of it.

    Actually i use to write for a review site initially ( I still do and that's too for free) but slowly slowly was fed up of the politics over there
    so started posting it here first , then over there

    These are just to show what i feel of this music