Thursday, June 3, 2010

Random Doodlings of a Confused Mind-1

These days my life is absolutely beleaguered with meetings. My whole day is being usurped by the meetings as there are some pre-meeting meetings, normal meetings, post meeting meetings, meeting to discuss the schema for meeting, unceremonious discussion after and before a meeting, brainstorming gathering along with various other unexpected time wasters. Most of the times it leaves me totally drained and irritated and I felt like I am slowly slowly being pushed towards mental volatility and brain death.

BUT the final word is that, these meetings can’t be avoided.

So I decided to come up with something that could help me in surviving some of the most boring one where I usually sits absent mindedly. I tried using Twitter but alas no one replied me back (except Arshad Warsi and Celina Jaitly, even she replied on Shaurya’s Tweet pic Check it here) or retweeted me, tried listening music using under collar hidden earphones (Alas got busted by my boss and got a stern look) and also tried playing games on mobile phone, but no respite.

So decide to go back to doodling (to scribble or draw aimlessly) which was my favorite past time during my college days and this is the thing where you will never got caught and others will think that you are deeply indulged in the discussion. This is the first doodle, doodled at today morning meeting (Gosh!!!!!! It is so horrible to start your day with a boring meting).

Do tell me how is it and how you cope up with such situation.

Watch this area for more!!!

P.S: I feel that it is golden opportunity to write/draw my experience with Shaurya, my little devil who is teaching me a new lesson every day.


  1. Nice doodle! I think doodling is a good idea to bide time. What can one do, meetings are a pain.

  2. Rach!!!!!!

    You now I simply hate meetings and in our job profile, they simply increase my work in several folds!!