Friday, June 18, 2010

The one word tag!

I am taking this from Pixie's blog and trying to answer it as nothing else is coming to my mind right now. This will be an attempt to tell something more about myself to the blogger community.


Where is your cell phone? – charging (Plugged to computer )

Your hair? – Receding! :(

Your mother? - Doting

Your father? – Simplest person (I have ever seen )

Your favorite food? – Aalu paratha with curd,

Your dream last night? – Trying some new aviators

Your favorite drink? – Fanta!!!!!!!!!

Your dream/goal? – To own an

What room are you in? – Office cubicle (where else I could be at this time)

Your hobby? – Watching movies (inspite of there genere and crappiness)

Your fear? – Snakes

Where do you want to be in 6 years? – Goa :mrgreen:

Where were you last night? – Home (now I am no more lucky to enjoy parties)

Something that you aren’t? – Satisfied

Muffins? – Ok!

Wish list item? – Island--> Ferrari-->Yacht

Where did you grow up? – Azamgarh (A place famous cos of Abu Salem)

Last thing you did? – Had yummy chocolate momos

What are you wearing? – Jeans, Tee and a pair of Woodland

Your TV? – Off :roll:

Your pets? – None

Friends? – Are life line!!!

Your life? – Contended

Your mood? – Impatient

Missing someone? – Shaurya (he is in his creche and cant wait up to 6)

Vehicle – Hero Honda Passion Plus and Maruti Alto Lxi

Something you’re not wearing? – Watch

Your favorite store– Hypercity

Your favorite color? - Blue

When was the last time you laughed? – Just before filling Missing someone section

Last time you cried? – April (when Shaurya stand on his own for the first time)

Your best friend? – Khushi ;)

One place that you go to over and over? – Office (where else!! but hate it to the core)

One person who emails me regularly? – Someone from UK to offer me 100000000 pounds.;)

One person who calls me regularly? My wifey (to keep track on me):mrgreen:

Favorite place to eat - Home (nothing good as home made food)

Open to anyone who wants to take it up!


  1. Did U answer all the Above Questions Correctly:
    Well Frankly I don't Know the correct answers, I took the help of Google and Answered them!!! Oops!!! Pappu Pass Hogaya...

  2. wow wow!

    kitna interesting tag hai! maza aaya :D