Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A troubled Daddy

~*A troubled Daddy*~

Generally Shaurya is a happy child and loves playing with me (his momma was always jealous of that) but since few days he is giving me tough time. Earlier he use to hold me and sleep while we both sit in a rocking chair but from last few days he is not coming to me if I am sitting in that chair or starts howling whenever I sat on that chair.

What could be the reason behind his abrupt behavior?

He is getting bored of me or what????

Or he simply want to enjoy his new hobby and that is riding in a walking chair?

So decided to give him sometime, so that he can realize my importance and can trouble his momma who is now enjoying his company and teasing me for that!!!!



  1. Children have phases and favorites alternating between the parents. relax!

  2. :) Actually sometimes back I use to hold him tightly to make him sleep but now a days he is resisting
    :) and that is the reason he is avoiding me too

  3. Kyon Bache Ko badanam Karaha Hai... LoL

    May be Shaurya has Grow out of the rocking chair...or Its Time for You to move Your bum from the chair and Give it to him... LoL Ho tha Hai Yiase Bhi Ho tha Hai Ek Din...

    Nice Musing on How You spend time between your son and Better Half...Rocking Chair!!!