Monday, May 19, 2008

I must have cried a million tears,
Since we've been apart.
That must be the reason why,
I've got tear stains on my heart.
I pray someday you'll understand,
And maybe take me back.
Without your love to keep me straight,
I'm a train without a track.
I Love You so much it hurts inside.
I need your guiding hand.
I'm like a sandman trying to work,
Without a grain of sand.
I'm a wandering spirit in the mist,
I'm neither here nor there.
My heart is cold and empty like,
A den without a bear.
If I were a mighty buck,
You'd be my only doe.
But now I'm like a single arrow,
Lost without a bow.
Someday I'm sure I'll get over you,
And I'll have a brand new start.
But I know that time will never wash,
The tear stains from my heart.


  1. Dont worry I will never leave u.

    A very nice poem.

    How can u write so lovely lines?

  2. hey hi, this is barnali(mouthshut- anakhronous).
    beautiful poem.
    magical words.
    you should publish your book someday. i will be the first one to buy.
    buddy u rock