Friday, May 2, 2008


Shilparamam, a crafts village, conceived in the year 1992, is situated just about few kilometers from Hyderabad city. Sprawling over 65 acres of land in the hi-tech hub city of India, Shilparamam gives a scenic ambience of tradition and cultural heritage. For promotion and preservation of Indian arts and crafts and to motivate the artisans, the state government established this platform. Enchanting the blend of arts and artifact, epitomizing the true legacy with the dsiverse natural beauty of rural India; Shilparamam is tribute to Andhra Pradesh. Exhibiting the rustic richness and creativity of Hyderabad, it has captivated the imagination of visitors.The lush and serene environment of Shilparamam is sculpted with woodwork, jewellry, cloths and local crafts of each region of the country. Showcasing a plethora of artistic ethos, Shilparamam is set amidst gardens, cascading waterfalls and natural rock heights.

Rural Museum – Nestling amidst the trees the archetype rural museum has more than 15 life-size huts, built out of thatch and baked clay. Giving a true feel of tribal lifestyles and their occupations, the museum provides an insight of the villagers. City people are fascinated with the villages and the way of living; and hence, it is indeed one of the major attractions for urban dwellers. The rural museum depicts the rural lifestyle involving their attire, food habits and day-to-day works. It has life size imitations of the entire rural culture.

Amphitheatre – Feel the mystical surrounding and the perfect ambience of Amphitheatre. Enjoy the live performing arts and talents of varied cultures to exuberate. During weekends and fests, a variety of folk dance, classical music and other traditional performances are conducted to entertain the visitors. More than 1000 people can accommodate and relax to enjoy plays and acts performed by artists from across the nation. Amphitheatre fosters to state level arts like Andhra Natyam, Yakshagana and all traditional arts.

Grameena (Ethnic Food Court) – Sensitize your appetizers with the aroma scrumptious food. Get the real taste of Indian cuisines and delicacies with an ethnic touch at Grameena. The vegetarian food court that takes you closer to Mother Nature as, the ambience spreads the fragrance of earthenware. Get the unique culinary experience of the most exotic Indian cuisines. The fine dining, excellent services and added flavours would tickle your taste buds.The environment is embellished with all the traditional settings giving the best hospitality you can ever experience. Indian’s are gourmet and Grameena is the place to enjoy all the varieties of food.

Prakruti Raga – The living rock gallery that brings to the fore the artist in nature. The magnetising rocks at Prakruti Raga depict power and peace. It rejuvenates and generates a positive energy. The naturally formed rocks are in various shapes, each resembling a defined figure. The mighty rocks are carved by nature and hence, attract the visitors. The charismatic ambience inspires the people and is indeed a beautiful place to spend time. The rocks are skirted by lush green landscapes making you completely spellbound

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