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Rock On!!!!!!!!~~For Rock Music Lovers Only~~

Ahaaaaaaaaaa. Here comes the album I was waiting from the day when I saw its promo for first time. Yesterday I was trying all the permutations combinations to find torrent of this album but my luck shined in night and I got the torrent. Yes guys’ music of first Rock Music oriented film is out now and the album is mostly a rock album belonging to Rock music genre. This movie is directed by Abhishek Kapoor and stars Farhaan Akhtar,Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli and Luke Kenny as members of a rock band. Rock On features four young lads who put together a band, but never make it to the big time. A decade later, fate brings them together and sets them on a journey back to where they left off. Music of this album is given by trio-SEL and lyrics are by Javed Akhtar. Here is my take for the album-

1. Socha Hai: The first track of this Album is “Socha Hai”crooned by Farhan. You got it right; Farhan Akhtar himself has given his voice to this track. The lyrics are quite interesting and ask many important questions to the listener which one has never even thought of and forces people to think about them.

“Asmaan hai neela kyun
Paani geel geela kyun
Goal kyun hai zamee
Silk me hai narmi kyun
aag me hai garmi kyun
Do aur do paanch kyun nahin
Socha hai kya kabhi hota hai ye kyun
Socha hai kya kabhi ke hai ye kya sahi”

This track is youth oriented and nice track. This is going to get its place in the songs played in the hostels with full volume. SEL has done a good job using drum, saxophone, guitar and chorus but it could have been much much better.
2. Pichle Saat Dino Mein - "Pichle Saat Dino Mein" is the second track of the album having a complete western touch to it. When I heard this track it sounds to me like a complete english rock number. I liked this song as it reminds me of my college days but one thing I will say that these lyrics looks good on very young rock band but not on a grown band. The lyrics are quit young it starts with
“Meri laundry ka ek bill
ek aadhi padhi novel
Ek ladki ka phone number
mere kaam ka ek paper
Mere taash se heart ka king
mera ek chaandi ka ring
Peechle saath dino me maine khoya
Kabhi khud pe hasa main aur
kabhi khud pe ro-yeah”

And then you will know that you gonna like this song and the song will carry you with him. SEL has properly used electric guitar, drums and saxophones in this song. Especially use of electric guitar is superb. The song has a fun feel to it and is surely going to be liked by youth.
3. Rock on: whoaaaaaaaaa here comes the title track which is on air these days and getting quite popular. When I heard this song for the first time it sound to me like background score of Lakshya (and when I looked for it I found that this was used when Hrithik and his team climbs the Cliff.) Songs starts with music of electric guitar and drum and then Farhan pitch in and hold the center stage. His voice sounds good and refreshingly raw suiting the nature of song. Lyrics are as usual youth oriented not made in Poetic fashion and are more oriented towards language that we use in daily life and describes how a boy wants to live his life

“dil kya kehta hai mera
kya main bataoon
tum ye samjhoge shaayad
main pagal hoon
dil kya kehta hai mera
kya main bataoon
tum ye samjhoge shaayad,
main pagal hoon
dil karta hai tv tower pe,
main chad jaoon
chilla chilla ke main ye,
sabse kehdoon
rock on!! hai ye waqt ka ishaara
rock on!! har lamha pukaara
rock on!! yuheen dekhta hai kya tu
rock on!! zindagi millegi na dubaara…”

Overall, the song is the best on album and would be most popular one.

4. Yeh Tumhari Meri Baatein : Then comes “Yeh Tumhari Meri Baatein” crooned by by Dominque Cerejo which is a nice slow track with having a romantic tint in it and it sounds like a soft track usually sung by a girl singer at the restaurants etc . Lyrics are simple and fresh. Even the music of this song is soft. Here SEL used guitar and piano along with drums and flute to give a soft touch to the song but. There is something missing in the song.

5. Zehreelay: finally comes a song with a touch of hard rock in it, crooned (oops I should say shouted nicely) by Suraj Jaggan (Jonny Gaddar fame) with the right amount of melody and grunge mixed together. This is going to be a treat for hardcore rock lovers who plays music at full volume. Even the lyrics are like that as you are singing some nursery poem

“Zehreely Zehreely
Kaale neele peele
Pathar ki aankh hai
Daant hai nukeelay”

6. Tum Ho Toh: after giving his voice to fast tracks Farhan Akhtar crooned this slow track "Tum Ho Toh" which is a sad song showing importance of a beloved in ones life. The lyrics are quite good and SEL used mainly drums and guitar in it. In this song Farhan shows his caliber in singing slow songs and has done is job magnificently.

“Tum ho toh,
gaata hai dil
Tum nahin
to geet kahan
Tum ho toh sab hassel
Tum nahin to kya hai yahan
Jo tum ho to
ye lagta hai mil gai har khushi
Jo tum na ho to lagti hai
har khushi me hai kamee”

7. Sinbad The Sailor : This songs focus on Sinbad The Sailor and tells his story. Here they concentrated initially on the struggle of Sindbad The most interesting part in this song is the sudden change where Raman enters in and suddenly ere is change in music! and the lyrics!? Now this guy digresses and is talking in first person to a woman who is his real inspiration in life! Superb!!! U gonna love this song..

8. Pichle Saat Dino Mein (Live version): The next track on the album is a Live version of "Pichle Saat Dino Mein" where singer is interacting with his audience. The beat and the clap percussion specially the rhythemin "Na na na" gives a new touch to this song and this is gonna
be song for college fests.

9. Phir Dekhiye: The last track “Phir Dekhiye” is crooned by Carlisa Monteiro who tries copy western singers. This song is a bit slow and has high pitch at some parts.It will remind you of sweet english love songs and you will like to play it in a beautiful evening for ur girlfriend or boyfriend.

My verdict: In Bollywood latest attempt on rock music was made by the “Metro Band” but really speaking they were not purely rock, it is better to call it Indian Rock and that’s the reason of album success. So now I can say that we always want some fndian flavour in the western dishes (You can see pizza’s with indian flavour) or music and in this condition pure Rock songs have got not much takers in India. As this album has pure rock touch in it, it might work in the young audiences like me and I am looking forward to it but I will say that this album is more of an experiment which I think won’t work. Get it only of u like rock music otherwise forget bout it. I would give three stars out of five for the honest try made by SEL and fabolous singing by Farhan.

Songs I like:
Rock On
Pichle Saat Dino Mein
Socha hai

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  1. Hey nice review. it include each and every pops and cons of the songs. It just appetizer for songs like appetiser make u hungery for food. It increse yr eagerness to listen these wonderful songs.....