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~~Singh Is Kinng~~Music Review

Venue: ADLABS Hyderabad
Timing: 3.45 pm 14th June 07 (Timing for 2nd show of “Wanted”)
Characters: My friend and myself….. Late as usual, running to catch the movie on time. Ahhhh we reached on time and went to catch our seats. Huhhhhhhhhhhh still 5 min to start the movie.. all of sudden my ears catch some songs with Punjabi beats in it…
I asked my friend “Abe ye song kis movie ka hai??” he said, “Tujhe nahin pata????”
Me: “na, nahin pata”
My Friend: “tujhe nahin pata!!!!!!! tu to bada music reviews likhta hai”
Me: abe sahi me nahin pata bata na”
My Friend: ye "Singh is kinng" ka song hai……
Me (shocked): what!!!!!!!!! Maine to suna tha ki wo album waise hi hai
My Friend: “Abe dhakkan, deekhawe pe na jaao apni akal lagao. Chal Picture shuru ho rahi hai, ghar chalna phir deta hun tujhe iske song”
So finally in this way I got my hands on the music album of “Singh is kinng”, one of the most hyped movies of the years because of being Katrina-Akshay’s another flick, the budget , Anees Bazmee (next after the blockbuster ‘Welcome’) and movie background. The music of Singh is Kinng is given by “Pritam Chakravorthy” and mainly dug into the english style of music, inclusive of rapping and bit of rock with typical Punjabi touch to it. And above all they roped in the rap superstar “Snoop Dog” who is considered as the single most enduring rap/hip-hop success from the West Coast and he finally get Bollywood into the right groove. This album is a typical “Pritam” style album (after Kismat Konnection) with 12 tracks of which six are remix versions.
Here is my take for the album
1. Singh Is Kinng: Ahaa there they are…..Singh is Kinng' is a excellent mix of Punjabi feel and rapping frolics by famed international rapper Snoop Dogg. RDB, the Punjabi band from UK, does a fair job in the progress of the song. The song starts with a few synth bars repeating over and over. Snoop represents that “Poonjaaabi”, RDB, Akshay and Snoop D O double g…with
“Yo! Whaddup this is big Snoop Dogg, represent the Poonjabi
Ae Yo! Hit ‘em with this”

And then after this rap starts the thump, yes its is nothing but sheer thump brilliantly amalgamates Western and Indian style music and marks the opening of the album. In this song you are going to witness a vivacious variation in music from plain rapping beats to the bhangra effect and the groove is really racy. This RDB track composed by Calvin Broadus with Surjeet Singh, Manjeet Ral and Kuljeet Ral and is all of sure going to be a chartbuster number. Besides These Akshaya Kumar also singing a few Punjabi lines in the middle of the proceedings and really speaking he has done a brilliant job. The variety of the music and the beat and thump make this number deserving enough to be heard and seen on the big screen. The music builds to a slow upsurge and then the maniac dhols kick in to throw this song into overdrive.

2. Jee Karda: After RDB, Pritam renders his Punjabi bit with, “Jee Karda” which starts with Suzie Q’s Latino influenced English vocals in a particular semi nasal kind of voice, “Chu know what I’m saying?” and then Lab Janjua (who sung "Soni de nakhre" and "O Paape pyaar kar ke") kicks in and carry the track with him. The track has an absolute fireball feel to it. The music arrangement follows the standard Punjabi influenced dance fusion pattern with a lot of dhol and dhamak, but the melodic vocals really make a different, particularly when Labh is singing and he really have done a wicked job. This is a song is surely going to be in the list of famous disc numbers.

Remix: The remix of the same is a bit fast version of the same with some extra hip-hop and extra Hard kaur.

3. Bas Ek Kinng: After thumping “Jee Karda” Pritam now gives his version of the title track entitled ‘Bas Ek Kinng’ and brings Mika Singh, Neeraj Shridhar, Ashish Pandit mike to mike with UK pop artist Hard Kaur. But let me tell you one thing, if you really wanna enjoy this track hear it on a high volume on a music system and chances are good that the number would leave you on a high. This song starts with a wannabe-Gangsta Rap rhythm by Hard kaur (ubiquitous Hard Kaur sounding different then ever) and then other singers join her. The best part of the song is the interesting gelling of Mika, Neeraj Shridhar and Ashish Pandit voices. Mayur Puri, the lyricist for the album, sticks to the theme very well. But unfortunately, the song really is a let down compared to the first two tracks.

Remix: Bas Ek King (Tiger Style Remix) starts with Hard Kaur hyping up the remix (should have called as Tigress Remix) and has a stronger percussion beat. The higher beats doesn’t affect the song much but still it is not as good as the original one.

4.Bhootni ke: After 3 songs with HIP-HOP feel to it, Pritam brings "Bhootni Ke" which is a typical Punjabi wedding song and will soon be the flavor of the season. It is a rustic Punjabi number that depicts the culture of Punjab and the lyrics are lovely and remind you of folk Punjabi songs. The song starts with a typical “Boliyan” in voice of King of bhangra, Daler Mehndi who gives his power packed voice and provides for an entertaining number.

Aaj khushi ka din hai aaya
Nikla mahurat changa
Bai suit pehan ke ban gya dulha
O suit pehan ke ban gya dulha
Kal tak tha jo nanga”.

Daler Mehendi's vocals are simply amazing and the arrangements, tunes, beats are all off the mark here. Specially the chorus shouting of “chak de” every now and then crooning hoooo and Hai and the aggressive Dhol percussion and drum beat with synth. I was shocked with the music of this track and wondered whether Pritam had perhaps resided in Punjab to truly imbibe the culture, mood, folk and flavor of the state in his sound and then create the song. Mayur Puri's lyrics are perfect as per the situation and are witty while giving Pritam enough fodder to make sure that the song doesn't come with a single dull moment. This song may click with the masses because of its raw feel, the elite will choose to play the next track on the CD. A really good track, but one that is strictly for the Bhangra ballroom crowd, and the guys go wild with glee, dancing madly. I can just imagine Akshay jumping around like a monkey.
Remix: The remix version by Dj Amyth works well. The twist comes as the track gets more rough and edgy with the “Tiger Mix” that fuses Mika singh behind the mike. But truly speaking Daler Paaji Rocks as Mika’s voice doesn’t carry the same tonal weight as his older brother.In this the dhol percussion, replaced with synths and a driving drum machine beat.
5. Teri Ore: after hilarious "Bhootni ke", Pritam brings in Teri ore which is the only soft serenading love ballad on the album. This songs is crooned by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shreya Ghoshal. If you like slow romantic numbers then then chances are quite high that you would love 'Teri Ore' which has proving yet again that they are an unmatchable couple when it comes to delivering a romantic duet. The song starts with some Rajasthani music and chorus reciting some rajasthani folk song and then Shreya sensitive singing holds the stage with Rahat.

" Dil Kho Gaya, Ho Gaya Kisi Ka,
Ab Raasta Mil Gaya, Khushi Ka..
Aankhon Mein Hai Khwab Sa, Kisi Ka..
Ab Raasta Mil Gaya, Khushi Ka..
Rishta Naya Rabba, Dil Chu Raha Hai,
Kheeche Mujhe Koi Dore,
Teri Ore..Teri Ore, Teri Ore, Teri Ore
Hai Rabba..Teri Ore, Teri Ore, Teri Ore."
The song takes you with and brings you to a place which is free from the hustle-bustle of the city life and makes this well written Mayur Puri track a delightful hearing . However it’s Shreya Ghoshal who really shines with her spot on vocals and puts a lot of emotion into the song. Pritam gives us a beautiful musical arrangement with typical Indian touch to it which feels like oasis in desert.

Remix: Teri Ore (Lounge Mix) suffers from the same woes, and is resultantly Lounge-y only by name and in this song the romance has been taken away and replaced by “club-mance”. But still its audible.

6. Talli hua: I think “TALLI” is the the flavor of the season (First Mallika Sherawat grooving to Anu Malik’s ‘Talli Hogayi’ from ‘Ugly aur Pagli’ and now its Akshay on "Talli Hua"). In this song Pritam's lucky mascot Neeraj Sridhar now combines with Labh Jan Jua. This track is one killer dance track that is tailor made for the club and discs. To the perfect vocals by Neeraj Shridhar (particularly the way he repeats, “Dhoom Tana” as a sort of vocal percussive beat and “sorry sorry sorry sorry very sorry), this track’s baseline just drives into your brain.
“Talli Hua Talli Hua, Yaara Dekho Yaara Mera Talli Hua
Yahaan Gira Wahaan Gira Yaara Dekho Yaara Mera Kahaan GiraYaar
Bothal Khulwade Thodi Si Aaj Pila De
Yaar Tujhe Sau Da Baathein Patiala Peg Bana De
Yaar Tu Apna Garam Hai, Khushiyon Ko Dil Mein Daram Hai
Yaar Yaari Ki Kasam Hai, La De Tu Jithni Hi RaaheTun
Dhoom taana Dhoom taana Dhoom taana
Yaa Ho…Milke Sagar Chalkao”

Efficient drum programming and perfect use of chores makes this song better than the average dance song. This time around it's the time to get into a club with a demand for a drink and getting high while singing 'Talli Hua'.

Remix: Here we go, in this we have 90’s Indi-Pop icon Stylebhai to take part in the “Talli Hua (Jay Dhabi Mix)” remix and make it even more powerful for the dance floor but later on the remix turns out to be a weaker version of the original.
My Verdict: Guys, “Singh is Kinng” is a party album with to entice the Punjabi audiences and moreover the NRI’s with especially the Snoop Dogg edition. This album is not meant for lovers of soft music but for the disco lovers and music channel crowds. Pritam gain has created a very entertaining album that fits into a very precise niche: the Bhangra-hip-hop-techno-urban dance genre. If you are into that kind of music, you’ll love this album. I will give 4**** out of 5 (for Punjabi music and Hiphop lovers) and will give 3*** out of 5 keeping aam junta in my mind (those who unable to understand Punjabi).
Songs I like:
Talli Hua
Singh is Kinng
Bhootni ke


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