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~~Mission Istanbul~~Music Review

After SAL (Shootout At Lokhandwala) Apoorva Lakhia is back with “Mission Istanbul”- a film with global terrorism as the theme. Angry young man has been the keyword in each of the films made by this young director. Songs of Apoorva Lakhia’s films are according to the precedence of the storyline which mainly tells the story of anger, hatred, disturbance, fear and fight and in such situation; music hardly has any scope to sooth one’s ears. That’s why the music of his movies is typically comprised of raw numbers and stuffed with heavy melody. The music of Mission Istanbul shows nothing different from that. As the movie is having international plot based in Turkey, the music is a blend of western, Indian and Turkish track so he went for varieties. Music of Mission Istanbul is given by Anu Malik, Shamir Tandon, Chirantan Bhatt and Mika Singh. I was quite intreseted in the music of this move, so got it downlaoded on the same day but but but..........Here is my take for the music of Mission Istanbul.

1. Apun Ke Saath:"Apun Ke Saath" is having trademark tapori undertones. In this song Mika Singh wore the hat of singer (along with Pretty Priya), lyricist (along with Virag Mishra) and composer all in one. This song is having all the characteristics of a hit tapori number and Mika has taken a step forward from his previous chartbuster “Ganpat”. This is a dependably gung-ho type of song.

“Apun Ke Saath Jo Bhi Ladega,

Sir Saale Ka Wahin Phatega

Goli Jo Padegi Bheje Mein,

Kaun Mai Ka Laal Rukega”

The song has a distinctive groove, digging into the genre of musical rap with the term ‘Mission Istanbul’ has been incorporated to match with the title. This song has rap-n-reggae touch and is mainly a theme number which may be heard as a part of the film’s background score.

2. Mission Mission – This title track is written and crooned by Hamza Faruqui (remember him??? He crooned “Ke Bin Tere jeena nahin” in movie “Aggar”) and composed by a newbie Chirantan Bhatt. The song starts with the harsh and repetitive "Mee-shan Mee-shan" (oops it was Mission Mission) sound begins to peeve your nerves after the first little iteration, and the rest of the song is gladly forgettable for the lovers of soft music. The only good thing with this song is voice of Hamza Faruqui, who is rarely heard and has some originality in his tune. But in my views the song in itself is an out and out club track which goes well with the theme of the film and creates a power packed impact. There is certain rage in the tune of ’Mission Mission’ which deserves to be heard at a high volume. Hoping to see a better music video on this song.

3. Nobody Like You – "Nobody Like you" is somewhat beguiling English and Hindi jovial (better to say HINGLISH), high voltage peppy number with western base to it. This peppy number is crooned by a huge number of singers with Anoushka and Neeraj Shridhar as the main mike holders. This song is again composed by Chirantan Bhatt who creates yet another catchy tune with Ishq adding on impressive rap and Hamza Faruqui and Ishq Bector penned the lyrics. The beats of the song is a bit fast and the song sounds like a remix version. This song would help the album sales in a big way if an eye catchy music video is created around it! The belief is only strengthened once the ’remix version’ of the song is heard.

4.World Hold On World Hold On – Do you guys remember Bob Sinclair’s cult hit, World, Hold on, if no, then don’t worry, this song presents an interesting desi-makeover of “World Hold On” by Shamir Tandon. This unique number starts with the female voice of Gayatri Ganjawala and later joined her by Kunal Ganjawala and Raaj Gopal Iyer. It’s a spry number, fast and filled of youth feeling.

“Hamara Kal Hamara Aaj Hamare Hi Haathon Mein hai

Hamari Jaan Hamara Naseeb Hamare Hi Haathon Mein Hai....”

This song was composed keeping in mind the international background of the film thus has a lot of western beats. And we hope that it will sound catchier when it will get synchronized with the visual. But please don’t think or try to listen to the lyrics in between the song otherwise you will be more confused. I am still amazed why they are using “Zara massive hai mera future” yuuccccckkkkkkks

5. Yaar Mera Dildaara – with this song Anu malik joins the team of music directors. Let me tell you one thing that when you will hear this song 'Mehboob Mere' (Fiza) will instantly come to your mind. This sorrow/longing number song with Sufi overtones is crooned by Javed Ali who carries the simple yet haunting melody effectively. Sunidhi Chauhan joins him later and gives a perfect finish to the song. Lyrics of this song are by Sameer and there is nothing exceptional in it.

“Ek Baat Kahoon Dildaara

Tere Ishq Ne Mujhko Maara

Tu Shabnam Mein Angaara

Tere Ishq Ne Mujhko Maara”

6. Jo Gumshuda– “Jo Gumshuda” is an exemplary bollywood track with great concoction of an Arabic hook chorus and an emblematic Anu Malik melody. This is a medium pitched song and sounds quite soothing in the combination of two versatile singers Shaan and Mahalaxmi Iyer. Anu Malik has incorporated some Turkish tune which suits the song and its picturisation (as seen in trailer). Turkish pop star Ege dilivers a perfect Arabic note. Lyric of this song is by Sameer and have tint of romance in it. This song is the best song of this album.

“Jo Gumshuda Aankhon Mein Hai

Jo An Kahin Saanson Mein Hai

Dastaan Wahin Labzo Mein Kaho....

Dil Ki Baathon Ko Dil Mein Rehne Do

Nazar Se Nazar Se Kehne Do

Hongi Hongi Hongi Varna Badnaamiyan

Jo Gumshuda Aankhon Mein Hai

Jo An Kahin Saanson Mein Hai

Dastaan Wahin Labzo Mein Kaho....”

This song will be liked and will be on the charts soon.Rest three songs are remixes and having nothing special in them to mention except typical extra bass and beat.

My Verdict: Mission Istaanbul’s soundtrack is smart, hep and groovy but somehow i didnt liked it! I am still confused that why did Apoorva Lakhia require four different music directors to churn out the soundtrack. But overall Turkish/Middle-Eastern influenced instrumentation and percussion of MI is of utterly high-quality but but but this music is not going to stay for long in our memories except “Jo Gumshuda Aankhon Mein Hai” and “Apun ke saath jo bhi” and now i have only these two songs on my comp. This album is a listen and forget type and I will easily give two out of five stars.

Songs I like:

Jo Gumshuda sa khwab tha

Apun ke saath jo bhi

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  1. Apoorva Lakhia's movies show a perfect balance of action, thrilling movies and music. Shootout at lokhandwala, Ek Ajnabee, all were movies with edge of the seat drama, yet the songs did not seem out of place and the music is always in tune with the theme of the movie. Im hoping the same from Mission Istanbul as well...So far i have heard only the title track of Mission Mission and loved it :)
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